Monday, 19 March 2012

Its internet service,but not as we know it Jim

what can i say really ?, this rant is the act of a desperate man who is in utter despair
i changed provider from Talk Talk (the worse company ever) nightmares like you wouldn't believe, it has gone down hill so fast from money problems to lack of servce to one fault after another 
so i moved to plus net good honest broadband 
 the first day or so was really good and the best bit about plusnet is the online platform that lets you manage all aspects of your account. And it is also good service when picking up a phone to speak to someone who A you understand B understands you but im down to .7 KBPS  eh????? i was on 8 MBPS with Talk Talk
Maybe it is the exchange, seems odd that plusnet can't deliver a decent speed but yet a very very very very bad ISP such as Talk Talk can offer and actually deliver a much faster speed?
am i missing something ?  plusnet line has an intermittent fault between the cabinet and the exchange ? maybe the line could be a fault but wasn't before 
so far this Internet business it is a nightmare watching a site load for a few minutes and constant refresh to get it to boot up not good
and oh they charge for downloads   ,in other words you pay for the Internet and pay again to see a picture go on you tube etc etc,never been limited before 
so far NOT a  happy man 

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