Tuesday, 13 March 2012

the Dandy who glamed up the Doc

Well i don't usually do these review things as well more people cover it than there is clouds so leave it to them ,But i did want to say something about this 

As a 80s child i was not watching this man as the doc first time round but through re runs and on vhs etc,
I like his style ,old school guy (think i covered the man somewhere previous in this blog ) but old pro Actor and certainly had a dominant personality enough to warrant a stamp on this the most unusual of parts and elusive,where else is there a part with nothing to go on ? each regeneration is unique no back story history to go on nothing,

Of course I'm talking about the late great Jon Pertwee a man who did it all stuntman ,variety entertainer, raconteur of the old school variety ,now his Dr possessed a certain look
The Dandy yes all frill shirts velvet jackets silk satin and a smart sharp style with a flamboyant edge, that was in a way of its time (think Adam Adamnt lives from part of  the committee that brought you Dr Who themselves verity and Newman , Steve from the Avengers ,Quatermass , setting more serials on contemporary Earth in the early 1970s was to recall a Quatermass feel., Mr Bond etc )  but he also defined the Dr as a old school gentleman ,
his Dr  was very much surfing the zeitgeist of the time,but in a way he made his own and unique

CO did a good job with his figure but corners were cut and i could see from the sculpt the look that they had in mind when making there moulds and prototype and figure, the cut of the jacket etc 
we got Sea Devils variant first and Death to the Daleks version second,  the former was sculpted completely wrong waist up the neck tie was a cravat not a soft bow tie and the jacket should of been rolled collar and braiding on the cuff and frog closures not buttons (Basically his first season outfit)  But with the cloak on and don't look to close it is passable 

the later for Death to the Daleks  is almost right the jacket is sort of right but missing the waistcoat and black ,not grey trousers ,whoops

This sculpt could be used for just about any Jacket worn in season 11,
then we got the green jacket  version from curiously  11 Dr's box set and the Carnival of Monsters episode look and this was a mix up again wrong trousers (Grey not Black)  but otherwise not bad and the sculpt worked perfectly
 this was indeed the jacket this sculpt was made for his green "Notched" collar velvet Jacket ,perfect as seen in ,Carnival of Monsters,Frontier in Space,Planet Of The Daleks (Opening scenes) ,The Green Death  (Opening scenes)  and  The Time Warrior
As many times almost as the red velvet jacket variant ,tho as there were 2 of those thus doubling up on appearances the red people do tend to think of as definitive for Pertwee

Then we got a Time Warrior set and this truly was the 3rd Dr of the 70s(Ignore the blue shed thing )

Not to sure  about the artistic mud  tho ill go with it ,old Pert wouldn't be seen dead in anything that was not immaculately pressed and brushed 
I put his brown inverness cape (Carnival of Monsters,Frontier in Space) And numerous publicity photos and stills and appearances including the radio times to promote the 11th season  and including on the shooting of the Time Warrior tho not in the episode itself
and voila one 70s Dr brilliant this really stands out in my collection and very happy with it it is my one piece that just is the 3rd Doctor ,and stays in my cabinet 

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