Monday, 12 October 2009

This type is my forty

well hello there and may i say howdy sorry wrong place :)
Well i thought this is as good a place as any to do some bloging my thoughts
my musing my random ideas (I am prety random) but more on me later
I decided beeing a man who was born into Doctor Who and a 80s child that i would after all these years like to have a TARDIS console room
So a nice man was doing the GRP (Glass reinforced plastic or fibre glass) work and basicly you bring it to life now as a Artist this apealed a LOT as we all have in our mind what we think is the TARDIS ,there TARDIS here is the perfect opportunity you get the bare bones GRP parts and you make it something
now i serpose you could say generation i grew up in it would be the 5 drs console room well no not realy i do like that and it is sentimentel for those reasons i remember many a cosy autumn night watching a multi coloured dr battle Cybermen in his TARDIS or the Doctor battleing to get it working but i have seen a great deal of the Doctor Who universe read, listened watched and i wanted something retro alien and classic you could say in a instant its the Dr's TARDIS
The 5 drs console is nice but i always thought it was better as the Masters his is same model as the Dr's just mk2 i think? so more high tech more buttons suited him i wanted old school levers dials and big flashing lights
So recently i have had a think on this i like my walls and floor its generic enough theres bits from 63 --89 there thats nice but the Console just didnt look right
So i left it and now have decided to make a new one and have i chosen a simple easy one to construct ?
No in fact i am going to make the Third Doctors Console from season 11, 2 reasons ,1 i confess Death to the Daleks is one of my all time faveorite stories yes i am sure there are problems with it but i think it is great and 2 i realy like that console
to go into detail would bore people rigid and i hope to be here to inform and entertain
simply the original 60s affair was to much and although i consider it the single greatest Time rotor column ever there wasn't i felt enough character in it and that leaves the third dr's and the fourth /fith drs and aforementioned 5 drs console as used by Drs five six & seven
now the 4th Drs as inherited (with very minor changes ) by the 5th Dr it was to be honest falling apart by the end but during the 4th Dr's time looked fine especially as seen heavily during the key to time season but it was lacking that something it was very sparse in controls and made no sense to me a large Computer screen never used ? and where were the levers and controls how did you pilot the ship? tho i do like the card reader idea from "State of Decay" and ticket print out very old school looked good but it just didn't click well with me so this leaves the 3 rd Dr's and i serpose even if not see as used by the fourth Dr in his first season ?
and Oh Boy what a Console this is it ,now not realy bothered to look hard at this before but having decided i wanted this one i studied it
It has (like a lot of Who things) rumours and myth surounding it these are perpetuated by many sources and sometimes gain ground like apparently the console from the 60's was used up to "Inferno"
Wrong in fact if you look at it closely it is just the Third Dr's Console with the old column or what was left of it look at pannel configeration look at controls way there laid out
Like the fourth Drs when we fist see it in" the Planet of Evil "suddenly inherited a new lay out
now this brings me neatly to the console itself theres 2 panels as per the 60s uchanged except for alien graphics and some red lines painted on and four new panels reusing nearly all the 60s console parts levers some dials the globes the lights etc with new stuff like the great big metal pannel with serious in case of emergency buttons, what did that lever do that Jo pulled in the Time monster ?
there's new levers and i have to say i like its lay out its noisy and could be confusing but when you look at it it makes sense and looks really cool its all here the dials for program and flight that old school look in the big dials with needles
new smaller dials square and very 70's as well as other hip 70s gear attached sign of the times but blends in well with stuff there already, and most of all before the current console of Dr's Nine and ten it has alien graphics and writing adding to that rich layer of alien machine and looks bewildering enough to be controlled by only a Timelord (some of these controls went on to the Fourth Dr's Console )
so ill keep you up to date i feel i have bored you already but the project has defiantly started and im hoping (as if it was not hard enough of a project already) to light it up

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