Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Mini Whoniverse

As well as Dr Who i also like to paint Games Workshop miniatures 28mm i prefer Bretonia in this classic warhammer i dont game no time to, but i do like them and have built a sizeable army using imagination and well me my ancestors etc
Now many moons ago Dr Who came out as minis from Black tree Design and i like them expensive hobby but i do like them so gradualy piece at a time i am building up doctors and hopefully some enemies and a small platoon of U.N.I.T tho i am aware of better Army figures around and inspired by a very nice guy who has done a awesome job project for a lazy afternoon
thats the thing i enjoy doing this and takeing my time no rush if it takes a month to get round to finishing fine i have some a full 2 years on not finished I also now got some hero click mini who figures cheap to swell the ranks and i have some corgi stuff like Bessie the Drs car and a UNIT land rover and so far look great on the shelf tho with this move of home there still tucked away
I have fine art casting and original 85 Citadel Games workshop figures plastic and metal but haven't and don't think i will paint these as collection in there own right
so here is the Third Dr and Fourth in his later season 18 outfit as its a personal favourite of mine

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