Monday, 19 October 2009

long over due merchandise

At last finaly my eagerly awaited set of Death to the daleks figures arrived at the princely sum of £25 i was not over enthused but it arrived after some wait i was like a kid at xmas from watching this as a boy to having read the book i even own the poster ,this was a set i have waited for a long time much like the rapidly growing Pyramids of Mars set im developing but more on that one later
Here it is the set of Doctor three played by the late great Jon Pertwee and the Dalek from this story
First the Dalek great even has the Machine (Tommy) gun and the fins at the end (on the prop a WW1 mortar) very accurately done brilliant im sure this will turn up in another Dalek set soon I would love some more but this is nice orange lights for leader from this story (This prop was actually Gold Dalek from Day of the Daleks) it has right colour all nicely done slight blemish on a neck ring and even has sagging mesh and slats at rear (Though this is unintentional im sure) like the actual prop just needs the movie skirt with misaligned hemis nice bit of kit
Now for the Doctor now as i am sure you have gathered i know this story very well and well lets start with the sculpt its OK its a resemblance of the later Jon but not great it seems to be lacking the detail of the lines and creases the eyes are wrong shape and the hair is defiantly wrong for this era but its ok complete with only one ring missing the other, the riding boots are nicely detailed and by far best detailing and accuracy goes to the sonic screwdriver, well his the shirt could do with being more frilly bow tie is nicely represented
The painting is a lttle off the trousers are grey not black the hair is white and not enough grey looks more like his later hair in the five doctors as at this time he retained a lot of grey and some blonde his face is plain again i think this only needs some sort of wash like the hair to bring it out otherwise the rest inclueing the jacket is nicely done the eyes are to light giving him a zombie blank expression, i wont be modding this, at this price it stays as it is i am hesitant to even pose the nice stiff new joints
for this price i do expect more, more aimed to the collector and less generic action figure
so all in all great set only for true collectors though generally i don't think this everyone's taste though another Dalek might make this sell well out of ten ill be generous and nostalgic and say 7
and i new i built that TARDIS for a reason .................

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