Thursday, 22 October 2009

how to Make a American TARDIS

i have been asked a lot now on how i did this so here is as much as i can remember
ok buy a CO Tardis money box
literely take it apart unscrew everything the lot
this leaves you three walls a base 2 dors and the front with posts and picture
dremmel anything like stanly knife model saw or such like will do to remove this front sand the edges lightly
then you get to screw it all together again repaint (if you want to) new graphics printed off one workable Tardis you have the hole for money and the box for batteries inside to dodge around sadly as part of the floor

OR you can re base it as i did as this box after tedious amounts of research was apparent it had a huge base so i got some MDF cut up and bevelled edged and voilĂ  one base this was drilled screwed into holes in four posts and glued so is very secure strip of plastic so bottom pegs of the doors could fit
into it and be useable i added a strip of plastic to the top of the door under the POLICE BOX sign so the doors can not open outwards to far
I then re made the lintels(POLICE BOX signs) to thickness of the original prop i then noticed the signs were pushed forward so made them flush and the outside cladding going round the sign flush on top of them
i removed the lamp with a model saw made a new one from a pen, the housing now this box not only had a housing for the lamp but the Fresnel kept the original brass housing as well so i made this from grey stuff modelling putty and wire painted brass and then made housing from plastic and matchsticks
Then i clad inside of the box with black sugar paper and a print off of the Console room from TVM
Now the elctrics all worked as normal but i had to saw off the battery compartment and reattach wires and the 2 way switch so there is still the dematerilisation noise and lamp flash effect this switch is hidden behind the door so when you open the door you get noise and lamp effect, there's other little details like reclad the phone panel as this is proud on the prop and change the handle to the other side add the lock which has to be moved up i used grey stuff for this and reposition the handle paint the alternating frosted window panels which are very random on this prop (Research can never do enough even if you can see the box pics even when you close your eyes) , wash and weather the box as this was a light shade of blue on the prop despite lighting and filters in the TVM to your own taste of what you want i went for a Big Finish Zagreus / Neverland finish and how i saw it and you have one American TARDIS

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