Monday, 4 March 2013

Technicolor Dalek

The Making of a Groovy Dalek

 And what a Groovy film it is 

Another bloomin Dalek post,im sorry,i to am fed up now as well, last one for a while promise tho it was a three pack

Well got me a nice Dalek set 2 ,cheapo, and it was a model kit to me
 so i did Remembrance grey now for the saucer Dalek Invasion Earth variant

so this Dalek the boss ,king of kings 
Lord of the Dalek race answers to big gold ball himself the Emperor right ,
well i saw these films as a kid visually impressive still are now ,but little to nothing to do with the program in characters (all Human) no console room no real aliens about it, very much a typical 50s Day of flying Saucers B movie Sci Fi affair think any old classic like Forbidden Planet 

Movie review click link

Filmed in 65 and in windscreen and Technicolor this was a big screen outing for the Daleks based on there huge British Popularity at the time, "Dalekmania"  ,

Dalekmania on the streets of London 64

They wouldn't be on TV in color until 1969 and then not in everyone's home until much later ,a fact often overlooked ,so Big screen Big Daleks see here for Details no point in rehashing them out here why have a dog and bark yourself ?, also this is something will need to browse

So  i want to make the black Dalek ,as i find these impressive and well as a kid thanks to Gibbins and Lee Sullivan, these are the High Council of Daleks the officer class and this is also going to be striking in my collection and something always wanted

 funds would never stretch to Sevans 2 foot bad boys, or PE commercial variants and  other reason to do this now ,well cheap Dalek set 2 with three Daleks in it and ...................

 Al DEWER head product guy for CO company tweeted this pic before vanishing so new talkie Dalek from chase ,(props used in the chase TV and AARU movie Daleks before they came out on the screen) so 2 movie Daleks 

Problem as i have said before about reference and research to death this is Technicolour (did you read that link ?) and they use Red Green Blue process three strip and dyed filmed
 its all bright so can be caught on film and saturated and soft looking sometimes with a little grain Superman and Star Wars (How much would we all love original copy of Star Wars from may 77 no messing by lucas original ?apparently private 35mm film exists and those who have stay quiet as lucasfulm lawyers are everywhere ,apparently )   were also filmed same way in the late 70s 
 this is a process that went on until the 90s and still used now sometimes  ,personally love it i find digital anything clinical and   cold 

So i got to have reference and the Daleks are in Technicolour so i tried reversing in photoshop bring down the saturation, the heavy colour and light and sharpen off a remastered screen grab ,which is nice enough but somehow i miss the slight grain,occasional circles top of screen(reminder to change the reel to the projectionist )
End result is one nice Dalek they seemed so much better made and the bright vivid sets and nice box for the TARDIS  visually can see how it can be striking to a whole generation 

Such a shame props didn't go to BBC Pertwee in that TARDIS , facing AARU Daleks 

well three days of work lots of drying time needed and swapping of some parts for correct gun ,which is a interesting thing as i pulled the gun off whole thing ball and all came off in my hand go figure cant fit through small hole but it did
 ,i also had to make the new dome lights but otherwise strait forward really

Hardest part was working out the exacting shades and the day long drying time for the enamel i didn't realise that the model Daleks CO make  are not perfect accurate, and that must be some resizing stretching going on screen because my model is really skinny in comparison

so no washes clean, flat and  new and shiny
Dalek in Technicolour

And clean shot

and with a little play in photo shop

original the Co2 fire extinguisher extermination gun blast was going to be a flame thrower gun
Id love to see how that was going to work ,right Malcolm stand there while this Dalek shoots you .....WOooooosh
No Malcolm, set half of sound stange smoldering ruin

while i am at it how about this its very clever and i really like the Dalek voices from the movies deep grating

got to love the soundtrack to yes i do own it :)

got to have something to play while modeling


If you think toy story it could be a cool picture to see

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