Monday, 31 December 2012

The Tenth Doctor doll

WELL here is a quick post, a present from xmas and one which actually ties into the THUNDERCATS post

a very nice figure 
Like the old Denys fisher dolls from the 70s formerly a Toys R us exclusive at a overpriced £25
Now in el cheapeo sores at £8 very tasty for that

The first Character Options 10 inch Doctor Who Action Figure. Features real fabric. Includes sonic screwdriver accessory. Currently Exclusive to Toys R Us in the UK. October 2011

In October 2011 it was offered free at Toys R Us when you spent £50 or over on Doctor Who toys. From October 2012 this figure was discounted to £8.99 at B & M Stores.

I got one with really good face paint,the eyebrows which Matt is missing is bit thick but looks like him 
bit of a difference
is a good cheap doll type figure of Matt clothes are ok and for the scale fine he has the braces remove the coat looks great to ,For this style of figure, 10″ seems a little odd (12″ being the norm)and there is the rub it is another figure in its own scale so doesn't fit in with anything ,if they had only made this 12" like previous offerings

 All the pose ability you can want it has multiple joints and with some effort clothes can be made to look neat ,and it can be in any shape or pose off a promo pic so that's good ,comes with the obligatory sonic screwdriver 
and the detail is nice enough one of those figures for the shelf just a shame he isn't in scale with anything 
Nice range of movement as shown in this video the only down side was that with my figure the jacket was very bulky,but one clothes pin later and sorted can sew if you wish as im leaving jacket on not a problem

still not in scale
I liked the small weathering to boots the pose ability and is a decent figure on the shelf
for me bottom line,nice  large figure one that should be in every Collection, 

the Gang

 there is a variant with Beard ,waste of time really ,for USA Market talk about pointless
If they stick to one scale people invest in it and voila one nice collection instead gos up down and all over 
docent help CO ,honest it don't ,there was a 12" line that was done badly (various reasons)  but looked ok the line should of taken the  step into classics ,
will there be more to this ten inch line?,going to cheap shops i somehow doubt it docent scream success ,it was overpriced, it is a cheap doll ,put into FP or specialist stores and get price and range right voila will work.see Biff Bang pow stuff
Id buy this over the over priced big chief 12" and far superior to the awful biff bang pow stuff,its retro guys cos of fact ,figure of its time so copy how was made not your fantasy idea of how should be the Denys fishers were not that bad, and do wish someone would re release them ala mego re releases
anyhow heres a comparison shot

  Bottom line ,it is a nice cheap fun doll that looks good in your collection

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