Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Xmas 2012 with friends

Merry Christmas to you all !

So its xmas time ,and what have you done. Well i got all food in prepped cooked done and plenty to drink and had a nice relaxing xmas with the TV First time PC has been on ate so much i was stuffed all day boxing day
and i mean stuffed

xmas stuff well i got some nice things check out my Batman PJs

 Now not bad at all  tried to watch xmas movies but sadly were lacking in there availability so mainly on the DVDs which is a bit sad for the big day
But what a feast ,this one will be remembered for that it was full on cooking lemons and oranges with the turkey the honey glazed parsnips ..drooooooool

Fire on whiskey in hand feet up TV on 

So what else for new year ahead well got to go see  friends family still and mingle things must be done and basically road to betterment is all on cards for me 

Well i am grateful for my health and know then new year has to be involving more swimming and exercise to build my shoulder /knee back up
I have learnt Patience in 2012 having a girl friend does do that to you, as we all don't see things the same ,and when she is daft and clumsy you have to take in deep breaths look away do something anything else,yes i have grown a fraction
Yes, sometimes life is miserable, but misery passes, and the mere fact that you able to experience misery and happiness and anything in-between at all is astounding. Seriously: you exist, and you are able to comprehend that you exist!,learn to keep busy, 
Head down get on with living YOUR life even if in a relationship,there is good and bad days learn humor,(Mine is social comentry sarcasm touch offensive yet observational and funny)   and have your own take on it ,and my best advice,"don't care"
 just do what you got to do
I only do anything personal or professional if it is A worthwhile B beneficial,which i think is the same overall value 
I have improved my skills set in college and MUST secure full time employment part time is no good ,im very thankful to have the very close few friends i have there like family and must see more of them in 13
Play guitar more is high on list out of practise on that and do enjoy it 
Lot of nice ideas for the home shelving to build should be cool when done and planed mapped out some other neat /swell ideas so fun projects

Doctor Who

Doctor Who the program is fifty so think it is going to be expensive year ,all ready some stamps coming out this is just the start the new 4 inch scale to figures of new series and new look to Matt cybermen TARDIS etc ,so lots of new things to be made and released 

New Xmas episode saw debut of the new theme tune missing the middle 8 i noticed and a choppy CGI FX presets opening sequence, but best we had so far ,again with CGI cartoon TARDIS don't want to build a model ,buy the toy it is very passable and look a damned site better and the classic DVD TARDIS door entrance is rubbish stop using that

The TARDIS exterior wow,and i do not say that lightly ,but all the weathering and brown on it made it look so much better looked 3d depth weight to it, weathered and worn i was never keen on the mint clean version even some black discoloured blue would do .always has been weathered and i think is  a definitive look for it ,so is this look to stay? no we seen in promo shots it is clean bright blue again ,
Console room small much smaller new studios less space,and well after 7 long years starting to look like a different program have we finally cleansed ourselves of RTD look?
All Star Trek and machine cogs metal steel less bitty thank god and getting to wear it needs to be ,not keen on star trek panel on the back wall and by the door, and again flimsy TARDIS police box doors no actual TARDIS doors ya know the huge ones  ,phones a cubby hole again ,great and the console is right shape style to its origins very true tho not seen much of it only in passing look forward to hi res close ups of each panel but no more useless stuff gramophone horn foot pumps etc all gone thank god,
 moving cogs on top none moving rotor and chasing lights ,ok hope they dont dominate to much, and get rotor to move as it always has, but nice visuals and i would like hat stand back please , that on side would be odd and add right twist visually and Matt in waistcoat can use, one other thing a big scanner screen wall 
Slowly getting to look a bit like Doctor Who Matt's costume the TARDIS *(New box please)  SLOWLY

Michael Pickwoad is the new designer well been around for over a year but first console room,a man of some pedigree (Miss Marple, Poirot, and such movies as Hawk the Slayer and How to Get Ahead in Advertising.)So classic stuff zero sci fi in his cv very telling me thinks as he is a great designer on the historical's just not so good on Space stuff ,like BBC of old period drama,no problem,sci fi forget it
"He confessed: “Compared to what people might imagine there is, not very much money is spent on it at all". “That means you have to be cunning with what you do

That's not the best statement to make really ,but does explain a lot
Michael Pickwoad
He says in a interview been planning this from concept to model since last Xmas ,so lots of planning still a long way to go to get it right tho
Full year and this is good as it gets?, I think he is a little out of his depth with SCI FI


For me the room is all wrong missing key elements, where are the roundels ? i miss proper roundels why were they skipped  ?,you know round things there since day one and no doors and scanner wall are main gripes,stuff vital to look of the room 

had shufty about the net and as fans come in many subjects found this  crumb of info 
the console appears to be made largely of old bits of London Transport infrastructure. There's a few chromed Westinghouse frame levers (As seen on McGanns console Break Handle) , a C.A.V. gearchange unit from a 60s/70s bus, a combined traction/brake controller from a tube train, and some of the lamps,i think some sort CD player stuck on and obligatory phone,attached via chord,even Red Dwarfs was cordless and looked like a prop

The Xmas story was none existent really just mainly set of some jokes which were good and Sontarans now being comic relief, the new style ones  do look like frustrated smurfs so suppose fitting, looks like off the trailer those three are back in new year as well 
(Moffet don't change you know what year ahead holds in style already his creations again and again and some daft plot arcs) , 
Magic sonic screwdriver can now melt snow and ice !(Not a Magic  wand a tool )and some wierd ice lady (dont ask me what that is about)  and i am not going to mention TARDIS on a cloud and unexplainable staircases
We got Clara established and died again like i said previously a moffet overly complex headache inducing confusing plot , but like he said ,we must be thick to not understand it,
Snowmen did nothing and Richard E Grant got to just stand there and look menacing doing nothing  no real threat   and emotions save the day ....again ridiculous get out clause 
 but this was about the visuals and the set up for year ahead and a nice nod to the past with the great intelligence underground in the 60s  (BIG Troughton 60s love in evidence at the moment from Moff and Matt)  ,all new now, and Jenna  was a strong performer so has the ability ,very much a TV actress and fun to watch,since return of Who having a companion who can travel with the Doctor and just have adventures is beyond them. 
 The characters have to have backstories,line long ques of mums aunts there partners husbands and pets, and be mouthy and quirky, and even be the whole focus of the show ,reasoning is totaly beyond me even the ham fisted OTT nature handling of Sarah was sick bag inducing this show is called Doctor Who !!!!!...

So we have the anniversary year to come so will pay closer attention to the new series ,and previously mentioned daft looking Cybermen episode, as I'm usually very dismissive of the new stuff (as after 7 years of analysis, aka watching /seeing it,it pales into insignificance to what the program is supposed to be) but things are slowly looking better,ish ,teeny bit ,and it is fifty years ,so lets see how they screw this up,you know already they will based on there past performance

what readers i do have, hope you to had a good holiday

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