Friday, 4 January 2013

Top Xmas films

Last Christmas one
Every year without fail at xmas i watch same movies ,nostalgia is a powerful force of human nature. It can transform those distant, often forgotten sections of life into warm and fuzzy periods of happiness that you can’t help but yearn for as you make the inevitable trip towards the grave,or race to the grave to quote dickens a Christmas carol
all those movies you watched endlessly as a kid. over and over again these entertainment “classics” would make their way out of their dog-eared cases and into your VHS player. There, youd sit, wide-eyed, mesmerised by the experience. You wouldn’t judge the cinematography or the blunt exposition or the bad acting because you were 10-years-old and that would be insane. You liked the colours and the sense of adventure and the witty talking animals.

Jingle All The Way (1995)
Scrooged (1988)
Scrooge (1970)
Santa Claus: The Movie (1985)
Home Alone (1990)
Trains Planes and Automobiles  (1987)
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation  (1989)
Batman Returns (1992)

Nothing says Holidays for me like these films i watch them at various times over the week before and after ,Timeless classics 
And i do like a good laugh ,EG Scrooge was on late on TV this year no need for DVD, I was up late drinking after the GF called it a night and I caught this on TV. I was dancing around the living room filled with holiday cheer and some good bourbon,"Thankyou Very Much its the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me"

Xmas Vacation if you don't  laugh at this frankly you are dead,this is what made Chevy Chase ,the others there good ,this is the best a icon and hysterical ,the squirrel on Clark's back his answer to the tree problem as  i got older this got funnier
 Trains Planes and Automobiles ,none stop laughter Thanksgiving not xmas  BUT  where it starts for Americans a technicality and im sticking to it ,John Hughes is a genius Simple look at what he has done his CV is impressive,
 For those who don't already know Planes, Trains and Automobiles is simple in its approach. Everything that can go wrong does. It's a comic routine that can be funny, but here it is a trip to hysterical. The plot is simple enough as well. Neal Page (Steve Martin) is on his way home for Thanksgiving Del Griffith (John Candy), is along for the ride. An annoying shower curtain ring salesman, Neal can't get rid of him no matter how hard he tries.
John and Steve give the performances of there careers and it is defiantly a must watch

 Santa Claus is something on in background over holidays usually when cooking and do like to cook over holidays,
Jingle all the way, guilty pleasure that one but one of Arnie's finer films beyond just the hard man,
Home Alone who doesn't like this classic and memories me my brother watching this (he actually looked like Mcaulkin at one stage honest),still makes me chuckle
Batman returns a late nighter and a good movie better after nightmare before xmas etc but a good movie, and a Gothic Xmas to you to Tim more macabre than any other offerings ,less comic book than first but hey its a Holiday film
Scrooged is a Bill Murry vehicle but it was on as a kid and kinda stuck its cooky and odd but a fun  re make of a Christmas carol

Another i saw this year was the CGI version of a Christmas Carol with a unreconisieable Jim Carrey, was impressed ,and another childhood favourite ,One of our Dinosaurs is missing and He Man Xmas special one lazy Sunday afternoon ,
Along with the Xmas albums  ,(now including "A twisted Xmas ,very recommended)   and the bourbon ,scotch and beer and good food this is holiday season and what its about nothing but relax
And yes fire is on  

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