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the bat car

well this is a easy post my love of big black cars with insane engines 
i came across this video and thought worth putting up as is a definitive of the prop and shows the inside ,and well for reference brilliant 

not as black as we thought but then with the filters etc on post production it is and gos to show one can not trust what see on the TV and two when replicating go for what it is supposed to be
wish it was longer video but some nice shots in there i think his info little off built 86 nope 88 for 89 movie 

that is how you clean a red hot car like the Batmobile

This ties two of my all time faves together the 66 and 89 i love these i grew up with the toy versions as a boy saw the series and well in 80s this was my car 
Well this is a toy but you get idea it is a lot like the 60s still he had other cars but this was main one i remember and  had as a toy , wish i still did 
85 batmobile diecast


"Its the car,chicks dig the car "

This was a sports car early /mid 80s  so porche 911 ferrari testarossa 80s dream sports cars,it was classically designed to be like coke bottle shaped low small and fast nimble with a host of gadgets this started to tie in with a whole new attitude and return to solo performance by the Dark one 
what i like about it was it was familiar looks cool and believable to get around

I liked the crime lab in the trunk and  the host of bat gadgets like the tire shredder and the laser cutter,smoke oil dispensers
Artists such as Lopez, Denis O neal,BreygFoyle brought Batman and his world to life for me Breyfogle (Breyfogle worked on Detective Comics. He drew the Batman for six years (1987–93), ) in that period of school /collage
there was another the breyfogle styled futuristic low square version but this was in the comics i read late 80s  early 90s
this is a era Robin(Dick Greyson)  had flown the nest long ago spending time since late 70s away collage and with the Teen Titans and became Nightwing and some time in late 80s Robin 2 (Jason Todd) to be eventually killed off a turbulent time 

one of my Favorite of them all and actually my ERTL model is in the header of my BLOG

 the Keaton movie in 89 with its Anton Furst styling (Anton Furst was hired as production designer for Gotham City and the Batmobile
(spliced together two Impala chassis, and the car was powered by a Chevy V8. )and Tim Burton vision ,

this before Timmy went over board with his own art school look to films which is what happened sadly to the sequel a macabre freak show horror pastiche  BUT did give us a definitive Batmobile

Engine Type: Jet Turbine
Thrust: 1500 lbs. at 103% ROS
Torque: 1750 lbs./ft. at 98.7% ROS
0 to 60 MPH: 3.7 sec,
Top Speed: Unknown
Brake Rating: Excellent
Wheelbase: 141.0 in.
Length: 260.7 in.
Width: 94.4 in.
Height: 51.2 in.
Wheels: Cast alloy, 15 x 6.5
Tires: High aspect L60-15
Fuel Requirement: High octane 97% special

this baby the long sleek jet fighter on wheels ,speed check, low fast dragster check ,Armour like a tank check .toys and tricks and gadgets check check

i fell in love with this 20 foot long 7.8 ft wide   0–60 miles per hour in 6 seconds monster ,must of been a nightmare to handle (reason for grapple hooks)  but who cares you see it go to 100 mph ( On the test track it managed to do 100 mph before it started to shake.) 
 awesome big chevy  engine and the sliding cockpit the machine guns (petrol caps from a London Bus, taillights provided by Ferrari and the headlights were from a Honda Civic, turned upside down and painted yellow.)  ,this changed everything he slid into a alley hid the car and activated its Armour shell until his return It was long, low and sleek, and was built on a stretched-out platforms of a Chevy Impala 141" wheel base . C6 Corvette engine, fit on tubular chassis,
All that on a GRP Fiberglass body  i bet it couldent half move being lightweight that powerful,V8 crate motor delivering about 290 -horsepower for a claimed top speed of 180mph and a "10 to 11 second run" for the quarter mile.

Tire shredders smoke/ oil/ nail dispensers at rear ,bat discs ,shin beakers ,grappling hooks on board computer tv monitor communication system,cameras for rear view, shields,  bombs , grenades Browning Machine Guns able to turn into the much thinner Bat Missile a foot that can turn the car 180o ejection seats blast proof Armour the car was filled with all the optional extras  

Two cars were built for the movie by John Evans and his SFX team at Pinewood. Both cars were finished in 14 weeks. Later on after the movie had been filmed Jay O cut 4" off each rear wheel arch to have a car transported to the USA then Japan and to promote the movie. SFX engineer Andy Smith accompanied this car to explain the operation of the various gadgets.  Andy Smith also worked on the Tumbler for Batman Begins/Dark Knight

It looked the business it did the business and the huge hydraulic  foot to turn it 180o brilliant that's how he turns it around 

we then got the brilliant cartoon series of the 90s which was heavily movie influenced but was also fleischer cartoon influence so 1950s art deco and this is a awesome car from a awesome cartoon
yes that is the toy version on top what a cool thing tho a working animated car

so we delt with a legendery car a animated classic and sporty 80s number lets move on to a icon 
 In 1966 a TV series a icon was Born and a car was needed enter the Ford Futura concept car and Mr George Barris
The Futura worked perfectly as a Batmobile, as it had many "bat" features built into the design already, such as the long fins and bubble canopies. According to Barris, he further enhanced the theme by converting the nose into an integrated bat mask, a first for the car. He also opened the wheel wells, and modified the Futura's fins into subtle bat wings by extending their leading edges into the doors and scalloping the trailing edges. Once bodywork was complete, the car was painted gloss black with red trim to accentuate the various lines of he car. Three replicas were eventually built by Barris' shop, though only one appeared on the show itself.

 The car featured an impressive array of bat-gadgets. In addition to the "atomic turbine engine" (the car was actually powered by a blueprinted 1956 Ford Lincoln V8,Engine: 390), the car had a nose-mounted chain slicer, lasers, rockets, an on-board telephone, radar, dash monitor, on-board computer, and police beacon. If needed, the Batmobile is capable of a quick 180° "bat-turn" thanks to two rear-mounted 10' parachutes, equipped with a smoke emitter and a nail spreader to discourage pursuit. rear-facing camera and battering ram.
 weighing in a solid steel car 19 feet long 7 feet wide  of a little over two and a half tons she was heavy and kept blowing the tyres and apparently breaks none existent so made driving the hero car a lot of fun and work 
all built in three weeks to
Again replicas are mad out of  GRP Fiberglas and have seen videos of them really moving load suddenly lighter 

It is fun to see them acknowledging some of these icons seeing them in background shots in the batcave racked up or even being used in a panel or two,shame when Dick was Bats he didnt get to use this a opportunity missed
66 makes a return to comics
 so defo a big fave a boys fantasy my car gota be black and gotta have something under the bonnet
mid late 90s car

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