Saturday, 10 November 2012

New Series New Cybermen

So here is the new design ,soon as i saw it what struck me was......... ,noisy bitty suit so not sleek but sleeker than one before Cybusmen that had flares and huge cuffs and was over clunky 
Now was a Bad Robocop now a Bad imitation of Iron man "oh look we can do suits like that to",Ego Portfolio?
who knows  ,this is not what i was hoping for 

So ill be positive first......................
It's slimmed down from Cybusmen which is an improvement but... 

like my friend said cover the head,go on put a piece of paper right now over it and tell me ,what is it ? ,dosent scream Cyberman does it ?

And i hate the Gun built into the arm its naff Cybermen have BIG blasters 

never saw the necessity for a full armoured suit rather than just head and chest plate with an augmented coverall like the Attack 80s suits, way ahead of there time ,very Borg like tubes part organic body it is a Armour cover so still resistant the original Cybus Head was ok i like ability to turn it thats it 
 It scream's Robot which is very wrong and i see the useless walking coach woman is back why? waste of space her

It could be revamped without this nod to Batman, Robocop and Ironman why is it so noisy,   lines that serve no function other than for aesthetics. Somehow I don't think the Cybermen would be all that into aesthetics which goes to show once more how the production team just don't understand the core of their monsters,

 Classic goof Davros in a Dalek chair (Davros chair is totaly different) his small head what happened to the big mekon element ?,Fatlek Dalek re design the Silurian the Sontaran  this is another re design that just aint working  really,New Who same in name only can not get it right

Seems we get rid of one useless entity in Ed  Thomas to be left with Millennium fX screwing things up  ,and boy does Neil Gorton have a Ego the size of the rock of Giblater ,they forget there down on film permanent record of what they say, going off the Sontaran interview for that confidential series ,hey my design its new it is brilliant you rather it be a design stuck in the 70s he spat ,or words to that effect,
Davros look are we not cleverest people in the land thin rubber for mask and we  made a cast of actors face ooh look we redesigned it made it better now it looks like a human being ,
instant dislike  
 I'm not resistant to change, but the new series cybermen simply don't do it for me at all. 
 far too mechanical and robotic. I love that with the old Cybermen, it was perfectly possible for them to sneak up on you - sinister, silent, killers.sometimes did and snapped necks  and looked like Cyborgs not robots the idea of them unstopingly walking carrying there blasters firing not bothered about cover or rushing, was a very powerful image



How i would do it is simply upgrade last design from the 80s ,not aesthetically but for function purpose

Helmet shrink to human head size make break at neck so can turn L - R joins onto a chest piece simaler design as old not as long but on shoulders chest and back (this is the life support system)

Tubes same place helmet to back and unit to body same perspex style window with lights and tubes but round
Then id use the new body suit that ribbed one perfect silver spray out and add some tubes going into it big thick ones and where they enter the suit some metal mesh like used in car repairs

then augment suit with GRP Metal plates with that steel in the gel coat so contrasts nicely to silver body
Lower/ upper/ arm and  thigh plates all attached to body suit
then feet metal piston rod to mimick movement for calf /shin plate
hands bear robot metal hands ,suit ends with a metal band at wrist, like tenth planet original bear flesh but metal
Gun same  hey it aint broke do not fix it 

very simple upgrade with a purpose and i aint a pro designer

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