Sunday, 18 November 2012

Invasion Earth

so a day long waited for by many months,  a small do at a Hotel in town, not been to one of these shin digs in years
It was a Star Wars Doctor Who themed Day, but the two bods from star wars were little more than extras really but what im here for...........
WHO Girls 
Yes i said Who girls like Bond girls just in space ,and who's very own Play Bunny Nicola (peri) Bryant was there, the gorgeous Sophie(Ace)  Aldred and a new one for me Louise (Leela) Jameason 

 as you can see a thoroughly enjoyable meet and greet

there was the usual dealers room, but on a teeny scale there was 4 tables,thats it and usual fare lots of books and annuals and toys some i did like the loose ones in plastic bags for classics BRILLIANT ! alas no Master 
but not given up yet
also some full size props there on the day as is norm ,again on a mini scale this was small local stuff

The R2D2 was lovely all lights  and beeps and moved rc style but while sat here turned its dome periodically id like one 

Do like these small venues ,unlike the Arena events that are extortionate costs, and also one i disagree with and so did mrs aldred, paying for autographs it is ripping fans off 
but nice event small family friendly, and future has been prepared for in some cases like getting loose figures i want :)  some nice folks selling got his e mail address so should come in handy for odd bits i am after  some nice people ,nice talking to some  
look at this !,my 80s TARDIS in Ace's hands never would dream it possible to think i watched her as Ace on tv as a lad and here sat with my TARDIS i made ,
blows my mind i do not care what anyone says thats awesome and bigie for me 
I thank you ,signed to boot plus by Nicola ,so two 80s companions for Drs 5/6/ 7 done then 
 for got to get Nicola to pose with it,  
Wonder if  i could get away with asking show me the sex baby ?

old pic of Fraser Hines "Jamie" with one of my TARDISES I GAVE HIM

signed and done ,the book can see with sontarons well it is JNTs TARDIS inside out and o boy is it groaning under weight of autos now  
gos waaaaaaaaaay back jon pertwees is in there nick courtney JNT himself under the printed one so signed twice i suppose ,K9 John Leason, Terry maloy is one i would like sylv sophie 
 collin nicola now louise etc etc etc

lovely seeing familys small children loving it all and getting realy into it

 some over geeks some over enthusiastic but in the main just nice ordinary people and mainly as it should be Family's and lots of little kids loving every min and good on them they are after all the future

couple of atmosphere shots for you

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