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TERMINATOR Cyberdyne systems model 101

Right personal Info first
I LOVE this movie no really i do 

I went to see this upon its release i must of been all of 13 this was my first big Hollywood blockbuster movie 
It was HUGE If you were a child in the late '80s/early '90s, there are few movies that speak for your generation as much as Terminator 2: Judgment Day. This film was an event, with a ridiculous marketing blitz (that even featured Arnold Schwarzenegger as a guest star in a Guns N' Roses music video), and it became one of those rare sequels whose cultural significance more than surpassed that of its predecessor.
Societal impact aside, it was a really fun flick, despite the unfortunate side effect of introducing the world to the brat Edward Furlong a complete wanna be and i was original bad ass so new a fake when i saw one
. But it was Arnie who took center stage, this time as hero rather than villain (worse kept secret) , managing to distract the audience from the annoying brat and really up the ante.the T-1000 Robert Patrick looked awesome although never really got the character he was to powerful how do you stop him ?,Linda Hamilton not prettiest of girls but boy she was taking lessons off Arnie this girl was ripped clever how she turned into the Terminator of the movie 
OK was maybe a PG and soft compared to the first but come on this was a family movie  directed at that target and so it sold a ton of merchandise and even spawned a live action ride at Universal studios T23D, reuniting original cast some years later
 It's a solid thriller — witty at times, and packed with extravagantly violent sequences in which helicopters, diesel trucks, and entire buildings are blown up with  gusto,to the big blowout between the terminators. 
When it's finally King Kong vs. Godzilla time, Cameron delivers the goods. The movie preserves the underlying joke of the original Terminator — that these murderous robots aren't at all malevolent in intent. They're just maximally efficient, programmed to carry out a mission at any cost. And so if cars and phone booths have to get smashed, and innocent bystanders are blown away — well, that's just to bad
My brother had the original Kenner figures not bad for what they were ,5" Toys of a blockbuster film and boy did you get variants most true to life was the endoskeleton (which i had 4 of) the Biker cop and liquid silver cop , i remember fun with the flesh making factory pealing it off t show the terminator under it
 I still have my T2 keyring and T2 jacket and T shirt and GnR CD ,anyhow
Neca have released a terminator " line that coincides with the 20th anniversary of this film (man does that make me feel old) 
This film lead to my love hate relationship with the Gym and brought someone i new as a action star into my sights who i later read up on as well as his books saw more on him from bodybuilding days etc 

Original 2002 MF figure
McFarlane Toys released a T-800 figure in 2001 and original press material featured a Schwarzenneger likeness sculpted by Kyle "Tankman" Windrix. However due to licensing issues the face was then mutilated so it looked nothing like the T-800 seen in the film. Now in 2009 NECA have permission to reproduce Arnie's likeness and Kyle has once again been brought in to reproduce it even more faithfully than he did the first time.

T-800 (Pescadero Escape)

Under direct orders from John Connor, the T-800 sets out to rescue Sarah Connor from Pescadero State Hospital where she has been institutionalized for 10 years. Armed with a Winchester Shotgun the T-800 fights off the liquid metal T-1000, an advanced new prototype programmed to kill John. Ironically the same model Terminator that was once sent to kill Sarah has no come to protect John and reunite mother & son. 

The level of detail on the  figure is nothing short of amazing. The sculpt of the texture of the leather "biker" jacket looks quite real   even bullet holes in the back of Arnold's jacket 
Even the "belt buckle" parts of the leather jacket (at the bottom) are sculpted further enhancing the accuracy and realism of the on-screen character's clothing. The creases in the T-800's black shirt and pants are well sculpted.
The facial sculpt of Arnold's portrayal of the T-800 is just amazing.
Even the sunglasses actually look good on his face.And if you hold him under the light his sunglasses are transparent just like real ones what a attention to detail

The only accessory is the iconic Winchester shotgun wielded throughout the first 2/3 of T2. Which for this look is all you need. The figure is labelled as Pescadero Escape, but matches the look in the Galleria (mall) shootout more closely as it's missing the pistol in the waistband (yes I am that nitpicky)  

A total of 10 points of articulation: ball-jointed neck, ball-jointed shoulders, ball-jointed (hinged/swivel) elbows, swivel wrists, and swivel waist.

I Intend on buying the 18" Neca Endoskeleton,so purchased the Hot Toys stand for it  
And i was playing with it and put this figure on it i noticed it is far more than just perfect for your figure sadly no base comes with it and this finished it off as if it was made for it  

so this is mist the grey dry brush is nice but the lack of weathering (Not seen to well in film) is a missed opportunity that needs correcting
You can do this simply by dry brushing some tan colour of the appropriate shade and i shall do just that in due course
Theres no issues to over runs or slop or over spray the paint work is great the masks are good that they use when painting it
All in all id say buy it it is sure to be the most popular of the range as it certainly is the most iconic and is very poseable 
he also fits well with other figures from Neca and McFarlane so iff you have the old MF Sarah Connor they look great together so does the endoskeleton ,so that's HUGE bonus 
Terminator Family

Overall, the T-800 {Pescadero Escape is an absolute "must-have" figure for any adult collector. The meticulous level of detail can be found all over this figure (from the "Arnold Schwarzenegger" likeness down to the detailed creases in his jeans). The only thing that keeps this figure from being the best figure is the lack of accessory  that i mean the 45 would of been nice but mainly a base and a none sunglasses head 
However, this T-800,is surely the best figure ever and for its price point of RRP £15, really you can not go wrong and its really got the best likeness out there easily competing with Hot Toys and Sideshow

and as i love you all so much ill leave you with something awesome that i loved ,its fun

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