Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Tardis finaly lands

Yes folks another ramble by moi

Got to go to a book signing by David Howe author of Dr Who books the kind that are reference material ,i like em been into them during 90s ,anyhow his good lady Sam stone (vampire fiction author ) was out about signing and seen on telly with Mr Frazer Hines .........
 Now they were signing his autobiography and Sam her range of books i adore James herbert books so this might be for me got Sams short stories book
Anyhow as i said Mr Hines was on celebrity cash in the attic and he had a current new series representation of the TARDIS in money box form so sad

so knowing was seeing him i built him his TARDIS  exact to Dr 2 Troughton whom as Jaim Mccrimon he Frazer was the companion form 66 to 69 , Frazer Hines was the show's longest serving companion on screen, appearing in 116 episodes.well known as a actor he did Emerdale and other things as well
                    Frazer Hines as Jaimie with the 2nd Dr played by Patrick Troughton

 now this took some doing
but i did it and duly presented him with the item built by me
the Brachaki refit box as seen in troughton Dr2s last season
as well as get my book signed that Ive been lugging about all these years and is signed throughout

so my TARDIS is now in his Frazer Hines Cabinet not bad for a boy who was told not going to amount to much a mile stone achieved
and something i am proud of, and to be fair not bad for someone staying out of the limelight and living quiet


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