Tuesday, 10 May 2011

T-800 Endoskeleton

OK this is going to be a soap box moment me thinks
Big thousand pound elephant in the room to deal with first
No there not chrome yes they should be chroming plastic seems to be something not done or hard to do these days chrome yourself ?? maybe you decide

Now i recently got after doing some serious e baying buy sell, etc. worked out free some T2 Judgment Day figures off Neca
 now not sure were to begin  so ill start with the Endoskeleton
I have the 2001 2002 Mcfarlane Movie Maniacs stuff Arnie from steel mill (Without Ahnolds approval his likeness was altered to make t more machine less man and sadly less accurate neck up great wasted lost opportunity)
Sarah Conor 3 variants this is hair down version stunning and the Endoskeleton stunning and fragile
also proudly own some others like ASH evil dead films predator as well as the most excellent  Robocop, almost impossible to find now that was a lucky find and going off prototype pics Neca are leaning in to do this line also sadly there was only one and id love a Battle damaged end of the film version with no helmet gorgeous tho it is, it was a job half done,

Now what can i say about this figure 7" standard figure high end detail and great work of Neca
The articulation is abundant, but it doesn’t have a lot of range. Some of that is NECA’s fault I’m sure, but I think a lot of it stems from the fact that it’s supposed to be movie accurate, and let’s face it, the thing wasn’t exactly nubile in the movie was it? Many of the joints have the hydraulic pistons so the range of motion is locked to what they’ll allow. 
Here’s what he does have, cut neck, compound shoulders (A peg joint and hinge joint that give him 180 degree range in any direction), hinge elbows, swivel wrists, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, hinge knees, swivel ankles, hinged toes. Plus he’s got two “door” things on his back and one on his abdomen. At first I though the one on his stomach was a ab crunch… no such luck.
The shoulders are probably the best, letting you put his arms in any position you want, but the other joints are hampered
He comes with some accessories, an extra hand and a gun. He can’t really hold the gun well and the extra had is kind of pointless.
Already done as a Cult Classics range some years previously (not sure how that passed me by) it is a re sculpt and here is my BIG problem
 to explain this best i am better off 'illustrating' the original by Neca same deal spare hand gun and endoskeleton ok, BUT  this has different head sculpt
Neca Cult classic Endoskeleton 2006
Nice huh looks like the terminator in the movies and opening jaw to (which will come to in a bit) so all in all not bad looking the wider eyes is ok to although some complained but you get a DVD and look at it theres some like that depending on position of there looking there remote controlled so eyes vary direction but that skull looks right enough
terminator in the movie

and to add to that you got this base with it something Mcfarlane used to do add bases to a lot of there stuff tho not all 

Nice huh love the kids bike, this is something I have to have for mine
now this is no longer included but rest assured price is the same, so less than happy there 
now the body of the terminator from the cult classics you can tell is same decals and all from this there new interpretation from T2 line
T2 Endoskeleton 2010
Same body reuses, save money done by all company's , and why not ? a terminator is a machine made in a factory like a line of cars on the production line and he does great splits but cant get him to step forward shoulders and arms are fantastic for posing but be careful the pistons are fragile
now for Mcfarlanes that's a LOT of parts
Mcfarlane Endoskelton 2002 
And ...the original Movie prop ..............


Try to ignore the battle scaring and look at the placement of the internal vent on the chest where mid section comes in etc and you can see Mcfarlanes is better but not exactly right to long in the torso to thin not chunky enough ,the Neca is a passable body but somehow the Mcfarlane one hits the mark its detail is better the big feet aside it has the right bitty feel made of a lot of parts if you look at the prop its a machine it is hydraulic piston driven chassis and that is shown in the MF Figure Neca block this off to much in solid legs arms hands the cables the individual fingers the rods ,they say devil is in the detail and on that score MF wins ,no contest

as you cand see the chest is right on MF not Neca the Neca feels like a mass produced figure the MF feels looks like collectors item tho its light and very very fragile one arm is already glued,this looks like Arnie the walk the mean attitude and that skull spot on
now heres NECAs T2 skull for you
 Neca T2 Endoskelton 2010

Oh dear, now not exactly sure what happened here the company blurb goes
Terminator 2 - Endoskeleton Four different versions of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the unstoppable T-800 will be released, two at a time, in addition to a re-release of NECA's T-800 Endoskeleton action figure with improved tooling and new weapons. Arnold T-800s and an Endoskeleton  

Ok now why?, Ill tell you why Money
this is a collectors figure they make a new head folks will buy its different to last one hmmmm ,not into that thinking myself 
opening jaw that wont stay closed,MF variant didn't need it looks great closed solid how many open mouths in the film ?
So bit of a gormless Endoskelton ,Great cheers Neca, glad i didn't pay for it as with the head looking squashed at the top  and the inaccurate  body id be getting a refund and buying another MF version instead
MF version big feet over sized helps with standing this guy required blue tack and the pathetic gun for MF it was a crying unbelievable shame ,this tiny thin pathetic little gun the Terminator Plasma rifle in the 40 watt range is a beast huge thing
so on the Plasma Gun Neca wins no contest
Lack of base is a big mistake and really lets it down badly its just in comparison to previous version sloppy rushed and ill thought out
but fear not there is ANOTHER version coming here is the pic
Neca Terminator endoskelton 2011

Now that is NICE !!! learnt from mistakes ,accurate head the body is passable more than before, and once again BIG  gun
no base sadly ,this is from the upcoming ' the  Terminator ' Franchise ,so brilliant never seen in future scenes but epic chase in factory and thrown in the gun to
this i will get happily, shame about detail on limbs etc ,but there going for more solid fashion
 rest assured when i build my base MF variant is leading the pack
on a final note to get much out of the new mold as possible they released battle damaged variant in T2 line basically same figure some black marks on front hmmm now the above pic of battle damaged terminator is what you want and expect but nope here comes the rush slap it out routine 
It is actually from the film in T1 you see the gun being used and  in T2

do i want this ermmmmmm not sure have t be cheap or free the endoskeleton is poor nice to see the futuristic mini gun tho 
Final word .......well id say wait for T1 version or get this with futuristic  Mini Gun
it makes sense to have more weapons .and would look great in contrast to the upcoming terminator in a future scene , if its classic standard terminator, then wait or get Mcfarlanes if you can , just seems you cant have it all really

for my money with that chest bar a few 'extra' detail's like the shoulders the T2 Endoskelton (tho it is a T-800) reminds me greatly of the T-888 from the Sarah Connor chronicle TV show

dont get your hopes up having spoke to neca on twitter Cameron movies only, not anything else so T1 and T2 no TSCC no Terminator salvation so no T -600/    T- 700 /   T -888
Which is a shame no complete line up of endoskelatons unless you want 1/6 12" hot toys at 150 200 pound a pop and i would of loved me a T-600 id of got a few of those giant Skelatasaurus they were a beast in the film


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