Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Batman live the Batmobile

The caped crusader’s new wheels for his upcoming arena tour

Gordon Murray was commissioned by the Batman Live show to create an original interpretation of the Batmobile. The result is a Formula 1-inspired concept.
The body is characterized by the carbon-fiber skin, and the “anti-gravity” powertrain uses hydrogen fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries.

The dark tones of the surfaces are contrasted by the LED strips that serve as “spokes” of the “virtual wheels” and by the rear carbon-ceramic afterburner.
Murray's vision of the modern Batmobile is tough on crime but friendly to the environment - that big fire-spitting muffler of the '60s is long gone, replace by hydrogen fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries.
could it be any worse ???
So not only is it some concept F1 car and un roadworthy aka unbelievable as being a mean road chewing monster of a car it has virtual wheels aka none just pretty LEDs and if not bad enough the design of the SILVER car is horrific no lights wheels ground clearance wheel arches etc the Batmans muscle car has Been further neutered by being some pansy new age mumbo jumbo fuel cell no afterburner iconic piece of design no big power house jet engine or supped up power house race engine no its battery operated friendly environment jobbie

oh and really look at that design where is the car ? Will he fit in there ? can you see that driving through a wall? can you see that chasing bad guys or anyone ? can you see that as a dark predator striking fear into criminals ? no its some F1 car totally useless what is with that flat back end scraping the floor ? it looks like it belongs in water 
The front F1 fin looks so wobbly and frail it might snap any time soon let alone when hit by the baddies why is it so tiny ?How do the front wheels turn?,
It's a rocket car, meant to be driven on glass and in one direction only,.Definitely a stage prop meant to be just that, for looks and not for functionality.
custom designed by Formula 1 legend Gordon Murray
i think says it all ,George barris ,Anton first, brilliant designs icons insanely popular they work, 

this rightly has been slated and heavily criticised from car magazines to comic fans to joe and jane public its terrible and this guy should go back to being the one trick pony he is and stick to designing F1 cars F1 is F1 this is the Batmobile and the guy hasn't got a clue obviously

Go to the source material of the comics 
and hey i dont know think of what the car is supposed to do "FIT FOR PURPOSE" and think this is the wrong guy for the job it was a name in automotive land and they thought how big and clever are we to come up with this and have him do it signs of bad thinking which does not inspire confidence in the rest of the show im seeing but i am keeping a open mind 
and please dont find excuses such as different media there is supposed to be a design ethos here folks once again our friend verisimilitude 

from the new Arkham  asylum game ,now we have as shown here Batmobiles spanning nearly 50 years and various media, film, TV ,comic and Video Game notice what they all have in common???
Power in a word ,strength, speed and scary cool looking beasts, some more than others ,and gota love the 89 movie type a jet engine on wheels yet solid as a tank and with that burner and back a dragster to boot 
Batmobile or batmans car has to be able to withstand major gunfire and blast damage drive it through a building no problem ,traverse any terrain in any weather at any time this can go over the moon without loosing a single rev it should be 0-100 in 3 seconds and Carry all and every equipment he needs in his war on crime a Crime lab in the boot Medic Station in the back etc etc 
so NO excuses it is just plain wrong wrong designer wrong design choice such a shame big hype and press factor celeb designer and the proof of this pudding ......its rotten

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