Friday, 29 July 2011

Social networking

A social networking service is an online service, platform, or site that focuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people,

The expression double edged sword springs to mind , now as a little bit of a techie i like my pc and being a friendly chap like talking new experiences all that
But i am left wondering ,people you see irregular but do See speak to know of and know you you add to a 'friend' list and its a gesture friendship a way to communicate talk share stuff sometimes just in a passing sort of way sometimes bit easier more convenient to talk that way
What gets me is folk who know you accept said request then remove you moments later this to make amounts to nothing but rudeness and being stuck up how is it cant give a person more chance to prove self then make decision, I'm truly at a loss to understand this
What bugs me as well is two faced attitude this also seems to suit this title
I find it is something you just shrug off but when you do see these people you do look at them in a different light but you say nothing

I also find interesting to See people partnered up i love to observe life people watching fascinating hobby people interesting folk and nothing as strange as people as they say
EG girl i know of was out about said hi to me and then i remembered her from shop i frequent and saw the low life chav on her arm this to me screams standards what she goes in for and is sad as it is obviously very low expectations of themselves also fascinating to See that upon themselves there a catch but what is that she said yes to ? they soon bemoan and complain and admit frustration but then why do this to your self ? aren't some folk weird

Here's another puzzle after a routine day opp of a Scapular Nerve Block,and was after a long day returning home in need of a drink water would be nice pooped into shop i know and said hi to couple staff i know and went home was left thinking a question do you should you concern self over there image of you and then i got to think in my nervous scattered brain of confusion but what if and maybe well you know what i say don't care be nice guy have manors know your superior in that regard stay nice tho interpretation sometimes folk take friendly and twist it all over in short what a sad shallow society we have become
Heres something else sitting bored in hospital means to much time on your hands and that is a bad thing to much thinking gos on 

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