Sunday, 2 October 2011

the cops are out ,there running about

well what a interesting week ,glorious weather nice change unheard of real Indian Summer,
Shame skint cant enjoy it more
Then came the Saturday and the biggest waste o police time money and precious resources , we here endlessly low numbers no money front line services cut
And here is two members of Manchester's Police "Service" doing there duty..................
Chasing a hooded mugger ,no grant you to obvious ,How about following up on a crime or burglary or community follow up to see if a felon has been preparing his nefarious plans
NO they came because of a Neighbour hood dispute (Sounds big don't it like gangs in a neighbourhood warring ) they came because one waste of space person rang them to complain about ....................
A washing line a WASHING LINE  i kid you not

The offensive item in question m lud is a 6 sided pentagram shape and two such items co exist in a designated area
Now 4 of said sides were full two were not, a elderly couple had some washing and used the two vacant ones 
Now ,said person of the female variety and well known for her extensive vocal capabilities and nuisance capabilities came to complain in a vigorous manor with the elderly gentlemen to move his washing because she was bringing more down and she wanted those that was original spare sides for herself EVEN THOUGHT there is a whole dryer stand vacant unused
a argument ensued over the use of the vacant lines the elderly gentlemen used
Then some days later 2 police turn up to tell the elderly gentlemen off for doing such a naughty thing 

GET A GRIP !!!!!!
What has happened to this god damn fading country of mine ???,
i feel like i am in the twilight zone or something

A PC and a WPC turn up all that money off front line duty to deal with a washing line
this is beyond absurd
seriously you could not make it up
and what a bunch of scruffy toys they looked like ,not real police at all
some sort of t shirt and combats no shirt no trousers no shiny boots and i am supposed to respect this ? the image inspires me ................honest
and a WPC that cant comb her hair or just dragged herself through the hedge way backwards, the way they stood there cocky arrogant self posturing manor surely a sight to behold

welcome to Britain folks cant do anything any more ,funny thing is even the PC said it was a waste of time ,Tell me am i supposed to take the plods seriously is it any wonder the abuse they get?
 as a witness and in need of statements i to was asked about the line,but even i felt it was a waste of time
I for the record was perfectly polite but turned every single argument back upon them until the last line of a PC with no argument comes out "Were doing are Job to tell you" ,that's right got no argument no common sense heck or that little thing called proof ,blame the job

Rot set in when we got a Police "Service" sounds like a Police hostel ,what ever happened to a Police FORCE, enforcing the law not triviality dealing with real crimes and real scum and being out there working for a living, this carries on they deserve everything they get and we can only look at are would be representatives the political elite to see where it has gone so badly wrong as they run around flapping there gums and doing precisely nothing 
it would be laughable if it wasn't so sad and pathetic

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