Sunday, 17 October 2010


Well folks this is it
Cant believe that 6 weeks have flown by so fast
But that's photoshop 101 and illustrator done for last week this week

Yeah bit of a mess this collage system, older, wiser and more attune, i can see glaring issues it is devoid of any standards such as school teaching what so ever

this was intro courses .......right OK, now new programs never used before
but why was illustrator so hard ? luckily i managed to solve what was wrong with the work sheets (not my job i thought) written for mac not PC and assuming to much

I used this analogy ,i will teach you to bake a cake but i assume you know already what a cake mix is er wrong this is a intro course and like i said wrong equipment so all the type and menu and keyboard short cuts for a different piece of equipment
so ill give you instructions to bake the cake in a microwave not a oven

And photoshop ok i know a intro course, but really if you need to tell someone step by step how to save a picture truly these people should not be allowed on a PC let alone on such a course,
so 24 people are slowed to this point because three don't know how to turn the PC on great
The illustrator is not long enough, though you cant learn much in that time,Personally id love this to be 6 months in that time you really would learn a lot and benefit from this, this is a bit of a cheap filler
needs to be ten weeks like the advanced courses photoshop would benefit also from this but illustrator defiantly
If you work out it is 2 hours a week only 12 hours whole course  is no where near long enough
everything is rushed pressured and dash for finish, 2 hours left to do everything in is not enough and giving us a ton of home work is not much of a answer either
there are those without PC at home and more without these very costly programs so not good really

now in final weeks gotten easy in illustrator yet it was nigh on impossible sure its going backwards
its been murder so far PC breakdowns loss of files
But i have learned and i have come away wiser thanks to home study chiefly
I am not complaining it was cheap compared to others i found ,and it got me started and I'm already down booked in  for a more advanced Photoshop course and funds allowing dreamweaver intro

Groovy people to some strait from industry so been fun picking thoughts and like i say lot of learning Illustrator is hard work that needs to be done repeatedly photoshop more flowing and easier

Liked being out in collage liked the late nights getting cold now but been fun nice new collage nice facilities the future is Bright and this is paving a way forward now not best time but job hunt CV re write
Look forward to learning more and funds allowing more ahead

Final thought
Better teacher style pacing longer lessons or couple of more weeks and better constructed lesson plans otherwise i say go for it its fun
let your imagination flow

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