Saturday, 16 October 2010

Doing the 'Timewarp'

I watched the DVD of 'Revenge of the Cybermen' recently bit meh for a DVD ,BUT the extra about VHS releases took me back and filled me with nostalgia
I remember it very very well i as i have said elsewhere owned 3 Pyramids of mars, Death to the Daleks and revenge of the Cybermen ,
Im to young to remember pirate copy's of the early 80s
Something done at the time on the Videos  and only in some few DVD cases re done, is these were edited, no credits or episodes just one long  story it was a brilliant idea and makes it all seem bigger and better definatly a improvement as seen on the Curse of Fenric DVD 

I recall this very clearly Saturday night sat watching Doctor Who on tape
Yes we were rental kings ,a shop you could go and take tapes home for a couple days, you want to see something rent watch done dusted, head cleaning on the monday ,

I remember seeing Robocop .Terminator, Star Trek, Star Wars, Back to the Future and other delights realy magical and a bag of pop corn if lucky 

My parents would get a tape for them for when we were in bed and id get a 'Who' :) think they new us by name,
It may of been on TV but to thrill at seeing these old VHS stories was something magical it was a different era and books was all you had really,being used to dads old war movies and black and white cowboy films the black and white who fascinated me , and in comparison to all other sci fi stood proudly unique ,i loved watching the very first Dalek story and this the doctor a grumpy old man ,thats the Doctor ?

With the advent of the digital age its all at your fingertips but back then this was it besides the books
I have got a few of these videos  now and some even signed,more happy memories seeing the stars of these stories personally and not being charged for the autograph either
And on the DVD was our old machine to.....................

For those of you playing the home game
this is what these delights were played on it was old when we got it to .......
you did not sneak a video on in our house, this thing made a noise like the Formula one cars when rewinding stopping it shook the house with a thud clunk
You eject and it launched the tape at you ,
the LED counter clock flashing as it was never set ,and behind those grills on top, is little wheels to tune it in and sort the tracking ,ahhhhh happy days

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