Sunday, 14 November 2010

we will remember them

Positive words and gos for all those we loved that are now gone
dead or otherwise

Well its that time memorial day and well quick blog ,my family has been involved in the armed forces one way or another
Long story but due to generational gaps my paternal Grandfathers brother Henry (Cheshire regiment )served and died in WW1 sadly one month before the end and having read some of his(9) battalion entry's he saw some fierce fighting in the most brutal and bloody of wars
 My Grand farther on my maternal side was in the Royal Fleet Air arm in WW2  and served world wide from middle east to Egypt to Sri Lanka to Australia
Another grandfather was in WW2 he was in the Desert rats Africa campaign and D day
I minor league was in Army cadets and TA Cheshires / Royal Regiment of Fusiliers,Both Nans served in civilian core munitions factory's etc

I have lost good friends as well as family recent years so this is my day to just stop think and remember them and there influence upon me my life and what they meant to me
and to say Thanks 

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