Thursday, 2 September 2010

not another day

not recovered from operation shock and awe ,yet, but i will have to say........................
My god what a day, go dentist get teeth fiddled with, that was fun, bleed like a boxer
had a good friend ask me where i lived as i was walking out the door needed my address, its ok only known them five years
and that was unfortunate as i do like talking to her she has a unique voice, and is a lovely lady (Im getting punched for making her sound old )and not spoke to her in a bit
I returned the call upon returning from the Dentist then crack on with this pre collage prep stuff (backside still squeaking btw)
I had all but given up on making a effort trying with people for them to just be arses ,waisting my precious time but then something happens to restore your faith ....
Then i got a delivery man knock on my door,nothing unusual just befuddled as to what i had ordered don't remember ordering anything but as is programed in us you let them in and i opened the door to look at a rather tall gangly fella holding a slip of paper

 As my eyes went up from the paper i noticed something familiar in a shirt and this face seemed dimly reminiscent and then he said he had a purple blancmange for me, i just stood rooted in shock god knows what i must of looked like
It was my old mucker from londoniam :)
Ecstatic i can not tell you joygasam but what on earth is he doing on my doorstep ? this is Manchester he must of been really lost ,as my now clouded head was trying to compute this and the surge of emotion riding high in me i got a tad dizzy not knowing what to say or do
He had deliberately paid a visit to yours truly and WOW there he stood in my lounge
it was sadly all to brief but i can not begin to say how good it was to finally see him younger than i thought everything else as per
It was like reuniting with a long lost brother i was over the moon he took time out from work to visit me what a guy :)
we talked had a drink and showed some of our common interest and my horde of crap
and talked so much to say and no time to say it in
whats next the wife on my door tomorrow ?
 It was fantastic to see you and i still find it difficult to believe you were stood in my lounge
thank you a thousand thank you's and oh my god and wow
made my month

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