Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Cheers Mate

Ahhh a ungodly hour struggling to breath virus's what fun
But thought dawned on me as you poor buggers reading this (I feel for you reading this i do), will know i am back in collage
I is back (Cue English teacher posh speaking friend pulling me up on my grammar,Is that how it is spelt?)
any way i am back in collage and it is dangerous roulette for me as i have to go back to some raw emotion it is not nice place to be sometimes
 Bi Polar you know people say you will get better ,you get used to it yes it is a piece of me as much as have a left and right arm it defines me this  what Artist isnt  mad ? Van Gough cut his ear off and drew boots when depressed John Lennon wrote Help ,huh ? tell me one that aint got the blues
Hard part is talking about it i got to this point i do NOT care anymore i put up with the prejudice all my life,whats another day ?,It has lead to isolation in some cases the strain on others is hard
So yeh this is me mental illness is a terrible illness and i get simply put mood swings (ive been putting up with these for more years than i can remember ,although tolerated to some degree)  and a high energy output and rapid thoughts ,to periods of quiet and depression , it can be managed ,i like to think i am winning
BUT not all bad news  and the reason behind this ramble is ,
Thanks mate you know who you are
Truly without are chats and you being so understanding i think id be off my rocker lol, you have no idea but thanks your brilliant
 I am indeed happy back in collage being creative being me ,think i go to far away from who i was and so nice to talk to like minded people people who literally speak your language how cant cope with 9-5 routine ordinary work  got to express /create /do ,minds ticking
It is fun learning a lot and doing a lot ,Heres to the future and good things

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