Tuesday, 24 August 2010

hi ho hi ho its off to collage i go

Well busy as a Dyke in a D.I.Y store,
back at collage all enrolled paid done dusted, just prepping in the few short weeks before start date.
Completely knackered thru lack of sleep,although really healthy body clock up at 8 am naturally ,but Mr wisdom tooth prevents sleep you know kinda disrupts flow of the night
Its called according to my Dentist 'a impacted wisdom tooth' i call it pain in the arse ,basically instead of growing up its growing on a angle,fine,but theres a tooth in front of it so cant go anywhere and boy do you feel it impacting and pushing
To add to this joy is infections aka Abscess on the gum leaving me with a sore dodgy bleeding gum now a permanent feature when i brush nice so all in all not good to add to this the answer is a hospital visit and to have tooth "Cut" out not pulled and this means a piece of jaw bone to boot ,thank you god oh and while in there and on the job taking top wisdom tooth as well so ill be very big pit holes stitches and a fine mess ,big ol day for me

So despite being up and down in the night im up early im out swimming and im trying to get back on top, its small steps but so damn many it gets tough at times.
Im emoting like a teenage girl, so i have a nice vast range of emotions cursing through my body trying to control me, People all over the place i need to deal with ,a mind that refuses point blank to focus, so i do hope i get a tad straiter prior to collage

I hope to milk all the services they got wonder if there is a Gym i can abuse have to see get there first first night then see what happens
Really excited about it and got my books stationary and all set hope to study read a bit prior to collage

We had a excellent full moon last night,I have my couch facing the main window ,i like the view,
 it was creeping through the clouds and in between the trees ,the whole image together looked like something from a James Herbert book
It was pleasant and eerie sat on the couch looking out of the window to it
 And putting the bin's out this morning and feeding bread to the birds (Fox that has the freakiest bark ever) and squirrels oh and we got a badger,either that or huge rat,
i saw the biggest mushrooms ive seen since Wales,now i know it is semi rural here but they were something off Star Trek or Dr Who at least 7 inch across
Very cool not sure what there called and i doubt safe to eat but this is a first and do look neat on the side lawn

Now Widow Twanky is calling T.T.F.N

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