Thursday, 12 August 2010

Who do you think you are ?

perWell hello there,
Busy ol time of late ,so what is new?
well being a typical boring hum drum day (widow Twanky eat your heart out )  but new stuff has happened which is of interest to me and makes sense in my world 
Well we are full steam ahead for the future and dare i say it future proof ,
I am a Graphic Designer (sounds like the pirate king tune ) Career (Insert laughter here) of choice.
 I had a long break out, want back in, really not satisfied doing much else to be fare so im way, way out of touch, spot in the distance out of sight ,so i enrolled at collage borrow some funds here save there voila im in 
Ever done a job and thought im bored to tears and what am i doing here thats most jobs to me 

Oh but better much better i milked it i got 2 for one
 i envisaged one course as that is what i saw within remotely my price range ,but as i fretted about needing two ,and where do i find that sort of money ?,see most courses to get back up to speed were looking at 700 ,1000 pounds plus, well unless i win lottery i am out
I kept chipping away and now i have the course first i thought just photoshop now i have both photoshop and adobe illustrator (Adobe programs are industry standard art pc packages used on macs) 

So im in local collage....ish, and two night courses in around two month duration so head down milk it and home study in between, make this really work !, this is truly last chance saloon here and i got big plans for my future, that don't involve the UK 

Im going great guns health wise,swimming is fun, getting tons from the counselor,still mad as  box of frogs don't worry ,and still got creative juices flowing, ,just in a slightly better place given time i will get there if nothing im a fighter ,who said being stubborn is a bad thing ?
Finding more about me, you cant see wood for the trees, and then your eyes are opened and new thoughts take place, re wiring of the brain here re thinking and you know at first a shock and does leave you with tons to think about ,and some things i was right about 
a wall is useful and attitude is a necessity,keep yourself to yourself do what you gota do, and sod em all   
I have truly gotten far away from me as a person, and far away from who i am
i am in need of getting back to the energy the raw experiments the try  and if i like go with  i feel stagnated and rusty ,so heres to future
Now if i can only stop being permanently knackered  

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