Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy 2014

So wow what a Xmas ! , a week long marathon of drinking eating and being very merry and it's flown by 
Got some nice stuff all useful this year like clothes etc first time in a LONG time not got anything who wise or collection based,well excluding  my superman socks and slippers 
and i got a BIG TRACK key ring torch,i had the real thing as a kid 

Met with the Mother (running out of family) ,spoke to the best friends man could wish to have and enjoyed,DVD's, yes TV was that bad , but usual films enjoyed, National Lampoons xmas vacation,planes trains automobiles,  ,Jingle all the Way ,scrooged,Batman returns , Scrooge Albert Finney, Elf ,all good stuff, open all hours back on TV and was rubbish 
Doctor who episode ,even the Mrs a not we didn't like it ,was badly written made no sense or cohesion ,so poor matt thought you would have had something better
 liked the last few seconds but it was a small tennant re hash i was hoping for something more Caves of Androzani, something dashing heroic a noble sacrifice alas not to be
and that's it no who for 8 months  until august,not a bad thing considering
  I look forward to sniffing out bits in the sale tho i  think who stuff is a long wait as it appears the southern hemisphere and USA get first dibs on the who stuff now and toys  ,but somethings to look forward to ,Hurts 9th Doctor be around April/ May time so one for Birthday list and they said no more new series five inch figures so hope for a Capaldi yet, CO are known liers who have nothing but contempt for customers as proven many times by there attitude and product
 ,my Pyramids of Mars shelf ( Truly never a better episode)  has got to have the Priory set with Sutekh and scarman alas my friend said it is not brilliant and has some big flaws (BIG surprise there) but ill still get it because of what it is

any new years resolutions?,no,why?, don't believe in it i do have a to do list and like to check it off like go on holiday be nice this year or learn x this year ,so that's done 
Like im going to try to find a old poster ,this one 

And study like crazy still lots to learn 

 I have my Models half done or in bits to finish that has to be done my Guitar neglected so that has to be addressed  and a Bedroom in need
 in fact thinking about it a fair few half done projects

Year started with a bit of sad  news, a new's item that almost went unnoticed, 
James Avery the Actor has died which is sad he was a part of my youth either as voice of shredder on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or better known as "Uncle Phil" in Fresh Prince of Bel Air, a fine actor ,and covered all ranges in Fresh Prince and going of the interviews videos of him a nice man,classically trained Shakespeare a masters degree  the lot  
although a couple of years ago i remember a interview and he had diabetes and was in a wheel chair so obviously not been well for a while   very sad really it was sort of show that was entertaining and sort of learning from ,certainly one of those unique once in a life time shows
also a who connection,Josseph marcel the butler was the cafe owner in remembrance of the Daleks (the sugar speech )

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  1. Glad to see you had a good Christmas with a fair old selection of goodies.

    I've got about four or five original Big Tracks dotted around the place, I know parts of one are here at home, but all the rest are in my folks' attic.

    I'll have to dig them out one day, put them back together and see if they still work. One I painted metallic blue, another was painted grey and turned into a space ship, then I think I may have the others in their original finish.

    The Pyramids of Mars set, the second one you mention is pretty good, but the Marcus Scarman figure has details painted on at the rear that could easily have been sculpted into the master. I don't know whether this was an oversight, but it does look odd.

    Sutekh is lovely, as is the sarcophagus, but the pyramid is just a huge pile of shite - they shouldn't have bothered with that - it's pure bin material. I'm also not overly keen on the box art. It looks quite poor.

    Regardless of that, display the three main elements with the Dummies from the previous set and the correct Doctor and you'll have one mighty impressive set up.

    Happy 2014 to you and yours!