Monday, 6 January 2014

all change for 2014

Well besides being a lonely place to blog Blogspot,I want to grow my blog.,no one could comment on posts without incurring to much grief and  Blogger became more and more glitchy for me over time. Feedburner lost ALL of my subscribers, and after I took down my “followers” tab, I could never put it back up. It was frustrating beyond belief. The other problem with blogger is that they own your site. At any time, they could take it down, lock you out, etc. and you have NO recourse. That never happened to me, but I had heard of people losing their ENTIRE blog content out of nowhere and never getting it back. When you go to self hosted, you own everything on your blog.

So Here i am after a suggestion i took a plunge got to just figure it all out now how this works and customize this to way i want it a few kinks to ,theres purchasing options and site ownership im not getting into but for now so far so good at least will give me something to keep me busy
Hope you enjoy the Blog
still i hope find me through my user name of transcendental musings so should all i hope run smooth

so transendentalmusings@wordpress from now on 

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