Thursday, 14 February 2013

Doctor Who partwork figurines

So New Partwork being trialed in Buckinhamshire and Oxfordshire andit is FINALLY a Doctor Who one,ill say this for the new Who, it has put Who  on the map again and due to this show and its  weakness old who has been made popular by new fans

So first off another partwork and Doctor Who gets a often missed out look in.
I own several of the Batmobiles which in the main are excellent and Marvel and DC Comics figurines which for the main are good ,now  with fashion and comic story of the day the new 52 and not so much the classics sadly, but there a good company Eaglemoss doing a good service although i have heard of subscription issues i myself never had a problem all these long years .only slight fault is the woefully inaccurate information detailed as fact's in the magazine,just because it is official docent mean it is factually correct and i have notice some errors sure others noticed more,so this new partwork
It is all new Who so far 
And thusly a very easy pass for me 
not just because of the subject Matter

Giving his enemies the finger

Oh dear Adrian Brody appears to be playing the Doctor ,No1 issue and it is even wrong to costume as it is well known there is a new one and from a awful episode 3 years back about a pandorica in matts first year in 2010 ,So out of date ,this is no collection for the kids these are around a ten pound each mark
It is a collectors collection

No thanks ill pass ,these look awful
upgrade one pound more for each issue and get these spread out of the life of the magazine well if they do all fifty years long and expensive subscription number one 
Number two again look at movie dalek claw not sucker and what color lights and black gold Dalek new series eh ? there inaccurate and sloppy and just plain poor combined with new series centric, its such a easy pass 
And how sad and what a waste and shame waited years for things like this and let down when it is finalized 

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