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Dalek Fashion

This is a warning this is a rant ,ish post 
On the forums of Dr Who namely the  toy gally base ones,
 i will not get into debates,futile stupid and redundant, if i can ill help, but its info getting only forum for me not much point in that,lets say it has its uses
I did get into a grey shades debate, wish i hadn't some people are stupid an cant convince them either way ,yes i know stupid thing for me to get involved in ,i have since slapped myself

this in particular rant involves as per thread title Daleks, now there is in fact been three looks in all for the classic series 63 89 

Hartenell Dalek
Making it simple see it has two bands mid section

For story reasons (as the program was a surprise hit and Daleks were only intended for one episode) the props got slats and  mesh on the mid / shoulder section, to enable them to have power outside of there facilities, originally they just drew power from the floor of there city's

Now here we are in 70s you can see the bands mesh clearer here

 Now cue the 88 story "Rememberence of the Daleks" and the need to make props
 they take props made from previous story ,actually exhibition props, and make them TV props ,had to two originals left and there in bad shape, no way can make a episode without new props
Here is a pic of the Necros renegade new style , thicker chunky shoulders as now all molded on NOT separate parts,lots of rubber used to make them
 cheaper, easier to make and safer to use ,everything done in the mold besides there Mesh and slats now rubberised and brand new for the new white props all molded on nothing separate

And totally different skirt less angled than previous straighter can see original necros white showing under the grey
 Not nicest pic i admit but does show you the skirt ,how strait it is these white gold props specifically made for this story and grey are also taller than normal Daleks in the neck and space above below hemis balls on skirt

how this former prop now looks in Seattle  from Blackpool

so you  get the gist here i hope 

For prop story details info i refer to this nice little site 

So FF to 2011 and first Imperial Dalek to be made arrives with aptly Dr7 in cream Jacket
ok spot the problem
Right off the bat, in pack i new was a standard Dalek
 This is not a Imperial Dalek the new Mold Made in 88 specifically for these props ,so if Remembrance is your fave story you are screwed here ,to be honest threw everyone as well you can see angled skirt short standard Dalekits not the imperial Dalek

Paninaro Customs
what we should of gotten ,is this wonderful custom by a bloke i cant remember,but has done this and renegades he was on the forums not so long ago now and as you can see his is right  '
And to be fare all Character Options got wrong really is the shape and throw some chrome gold on it job done
the plunger is still a standard,well sink plunger,as you can see for these props its cone shaped
If making a new sucker to represent the indents in it for this prop ,why not make it cone shaped as well ? ,your already changing the mold 
And personally NEVER liked the bottom collar band on the CO Daleks any of them to thin 
off to 2012   and voila ,a Remembrance set of toys in a box arrives with the Davros ones ,sans Davros ,the mystery is thickening a bit here 
separate Davros release
Different Daleks

toy on left accurate variant on right
Now looking at this ,it is all standard Daleks, ok new front piece for the white imperial to hexagonal instead of oval no circles round gun boxes so again ,i ask IF your making a mid section specifically for this Dalek then why not add the circles get it right? 
Nice Gunner but again wrong skirt white Dalek is exactly the  same as previous release  and nice silver black dalek but again wrong shape 
a strait chunky prop
No all wrong again and as can be seen,the  black prop was a actual exhibition prop borrowed and you can see, molded bands strait skirt etc this in fact is nothing like the old Daleks, which yes there was 2 of in the story ,
And  another question why is there imperial slats and band on the grey toy Dalek? should be mesh, this is a collectors range of figures isnt it ? why this so badly wrong ?
Exhibition Dalek prior to TV appearance
Money ? surely cost involved is taken on by Underground Toys and Forbidden planet who ordered / purchased these sets as exclusives to them ,Number one, Number two reap cost back from your sales ?,please if i am wrong someone explain it to me please

why this suddenly oh to expensive for them CO to do ?

my frustration is from being spoiled or having to high a expectation a bar they themselves raised 
This is first Dalek set and Classic Daleks made available 
Look at that how nice Hartnell Dead planet first Dalek the silver and blue one  ,a Genesis 70s grey ,bit blue but meh let it slide spot on even the crimp in the gun and planet supreme black gold ,look at neck the flat rings just for this prop no neck rods so a special neck accurate made specifically for this toy ,cant be used again just on this

 there is two Dalek molds as Bands and slats is different
 Bands dalek ( silver) is banded at top, for slats and mesh it requires plugs at the top for the mesh  so 2 bodys of Dalek are 2 different ,so two molds,so why not three?

As can be seen this one i stripped to make into a remembrance renegade grey  ,remember i said was 2 original shape ones in the story ?
as can be seen the plugs for the slats and mesh ,so two molds exist of basically the Dalek body one from the first 2 storys and one from all other later versions up to Remembrance in 88 ,fantastic,
So looking at a dalek stripped down you can see it is all reusable,only that the body needs to be different like for Hartnell 60s original one 
So my questions is," why not make a third body"? ,one for straighter skirt space above below hemis? if you can make neck parts make them for these as well,you have it so right for two different Dalek types so make a third

I tell you my theory
there making Daleks, well needs 60s one and standard one but what about third ?, lets make these two ,i don't think people will be noticing difference(Before were exclusive and general retail availability so burden directly on CO)  ,even tho this is aimed at collectors cost keep it down make two, use them 
They got scared,simple,no we make two use them be fine ,then they got greedy oo big success Money quick bang out more ,no thought given to accuracy

it was a simple error i suppose to start ,now if just 2 stories in 60s  we get bands variant and one story Planet supreme specially made, they make new molds and parts ,really ?,
you not gona make a Skirt shape thats got uses from ....
Necros sixth doctor story right through to sylv and remembrance  and all variants like SWD ,Davros and exterminated etc, etc ,etc 
theres more to be made form this mold than any other excluding the standard shape with mesh, and what about  re releases ?,army building ?, FX Daleks?,bizarre but them  are choices were stuck with it

But i stand by my opinion could of been done and money could / would  of been made
If only by looking at whats been released so far and if you think if that was a new mold money would be back 

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