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scale model TARDIS 5


The Finish

Last one for now and on last run so inundation of pics to followhope next one is finished article
But what finish ?? now this TARDIS the 80s one if not all TARDIS props change so much and vary degrees as was constantly tarted up 
so the GRP well i wanted to go with a look that is 80s and it always was sort of mid blue the ultramarine colour (Ill call it this as its closest to it and serves for description purposes) 


now besides the difference with the middle bit in the 80s (generically speaking) with  Pete's last year, Collin's time it was then all dark black blue and grey due to over filthy for various reasons 
delta and the bannermen 87

and McCoy, Dr 7 ,87- 89 now his "really" did change it was even pink (Mk2 prop) this is infamous for going light to dark with each story due to the broadcast order differing to filming order so on TV got a new colour TARDIS each week ,so it gos light blue bright colour no weathering and then mid ultramarine mid blue next story and then bright blue  etc
Mk 1 prop remembrance of the daleks 1988

there was also two props (MK 2 cast from same moulds in 86 for Trial of a time lord) and i suspect the newer Mk 2 was not repainted (Besides going pink)  this remained mid ultra marine blue in all ,and it was the older more shabby (by now 8 year old Fiberglass prop mk1) that was light blue ,in the story's i find it in ,MK2 from time and the Rani to the curse of fenric is pretty consistent in its chosen shade
mk2 the curse of fenric 1989
Mk 2 box introduced here in 86 Trial of a Timelord

very brief rundown 

remembrance of the daleks MK1 (LOVE this look ) little tired and grubby ,in greatest show in the galaxy the prop is frankly a mess cracked ,peeling dirty ,its taken away after filming and  repainted light blue , this was filmed prior to nemesis    
the order of filming S25 1988 was ........

Remembrance of the Daleks
Greatest show in the Galaxy
 Silver Nemesis   
Happiness patrol  (MK 2 Pink prop )
thus changing colour every story in season 25 1988 , and there on staying light blue for season 26 in 1989 
so in 89 season 26  MK 1 is bright blue no handle and the MK2 was the darker ultramarine blue so again for this season the prop changed colour on the telly between episodes as well and to make matters worse the  ghost light episode you see the back of the box ,the back doors, and someone left the handle missing off the front  on them !,who used bright blue paint ? , cant get the staff

 (all reference 7th dr handbook and  courtesy PB

greatest show in the galaxy
greatest show in the galaxy 88

as to paint it they removed door furniture repainted her and then clearly forgot to put the handles back on

and oh paint and clean the phone panel to match ,

battlefield  89
Id like to have a moments silence as well, 1988 S25 was the last time the console room from 83 was seen so end of a era
Now if your not already confused with two identical props  and various paint shades there is the inevitable ( And cast iron guaranteed by BBC) Breakages so bits needed repairing ad hoc off the cuff or maybe ,rarely, sometimes once a blue moon a new piece cast and put on now this applies chiefly to the sign boxes and the base but there is consistency ................
Only joking, some hope

so what to do?,

well the as is CO toy is fine as is for season 19 Pete (Big lamp base and newbury refit caped off signs) or McCoy nice light blue really so fairly nail on head just if perfectionist like me of a certain age wallowing in nostalgia of childhood
personally as i have said so far i treated this as a scale model like a 'tiger tank model' a real world object so all my dirt streaks marks dust blemishes and discolouring is where it would fall in real life
so dark runs stains round locks handles and dust grime dirt in corners and in beading and other crevices where would fall on a decade old grp tv prop,and where it would be on a antiquated alien time capsule that's been from one corner of the galaxy to the other, and to parallel universes landing in dusty deserts to muddy forests rain soaked fields and ice planets to landing not always base first.

as for the base Well I'm not going to make it look like the edge of a stamp as per the prop which obviously had several new bases over the decade , but i intend to wear it up and mines the bigger variety
i don't much like the thin as paper look, makes the thing look top heavy and its if the small base is to the  wrong scale to the eye on small models, 
its ok but looks wrong in my opinion on small models as scaled down so much to be none existent not so bad at 1/5 or 1/1 scale

and after seeing a print of make your own tardis it inspired me for what i was looking for and remembering that my base is not buried so will be on show constantly 
androzani 84
base paint idea
 this will work but it is all trial and error

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