Thursday, 5 April 2012

scale model TARDIS 4

it is quite cool and captures the feeling of the season 18/26. tho not accurate i know still a LONG way to go 

venetian crystal 1 at moment to show (with dry brush and am running out of brushes to kill) some blemishes marks and discolour to select points for wear and tear ,texture is just acrylic paint stippled on raw with a little sand in the mix

temporary sign up with a bit of pritt stick looks good, might tweak it in micro publisher illustrator or something but overall OK
it seems like it's dragging on forever, and other days it seems as though the end is almost in sight. then i cant decide or not happy with something,and theres things that crop up and make themselves known that need dealing With,
And the stand arrived today

not bad, so far not great as well unless under bright light and on window sill it ain't moving ,hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
OK need to re think this one ,sigh, but looks good and cheap a few quid   lot to be said for battery operated tho 

both sets of doors   

 now i know what you are thinking here OMG whats happened why the doors so dirty look so bad?,
well i want my cake and to eat it i want best of ALL worlds so my back doors are the back of this prop the first set of doors used on this prop 
so ala S 18/ 19 this is them NB Back doors not seen on telly sometimes not there at all and just a big black curtain for ease of entry for Actors especialy when you get as many as dr 5 had 
so  i thought it would be nice to have those doors on my  scale model not going to be seen much but nice to have there so false signs thrown up quick ( rear sign is a copy of the one took from the refit Newbury prop) a knock up pic in paint and voila my box thus far looks different in the flesh odd
proof in the pudding of the doors 


S 18

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