Wednesday, 20 April 2011

elisabeth sladen

Well news broke last night, the Actress Elizabeth Sladen died after a long battle with cancer age 63,Sladen appeared as Doctor Who assistant Sarah Jane Smith  between 1973 and 1976, opposite Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker.and again in 2006 alongside David Tennant 
I remember Liz from doctor Who as i have said elsewhere i may of had Dr Who in the 80's but the burgeoning video market was started and funny enough  while watching Dr 5 take on the awakening or the Daleks or the Master and then the rani take on Dr 6  i sat and watched my three videos as well, Pyramids of Mars, Revenge of the Cybermen and Death to the Daleks  renting Terror of the Zygons and the Time Warrior all featuring Sarah Jane as a companion
then years later in early 90s with uk tv gold we had repeats like Genesis of the Daleks and the Brain of Morbius 
I also had the Target novels and art work and photos from Magazines to books etc so although not my companion one i new well
I liked her she was OK never got the ' Big' Thing' about her personally Ace (Sophie Aldred) was the best companion but i suppose we can all say that,
She certainly was a long serving companion ,and returned for the specials like the Five Drs, i suppose she was a archetype companion the girl next door off for fun and adventure with her friend ,she was always very vocal about the program ,the actors etc and appeared on many compilations dvd extras etc and always spoke candidly and honestly
She was well served by the BBC and apeared in the majority of repeats videos and articles  and was truly from the Golden age of Dr Who

It is sad to hear and after loosing the old boy Brigadier  Nicholas Courtney it is sad to hear another so soon  and she was no age really
Sadly never really met or spoke to her did see her once at a convention ,but i did enjoy her portrayal of Sarah i liked her performance against Tom mainly
so bit of a icon in the world of Doctor Who now no more but surely immortally captured on film forever
Thanks for the years of enjoyment

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