Tuesday, 12 April 2011

7th Doctor and TARDIS COLLECTERS set

Got my 7th Dr Tardis set today i am a 80s child this was, is, my TARDIS So i really looked forward to saving and buying this one

Looks the part to me sort of, this by Character Options/ Design Works  was designed so could be reused endlessly to be all previous variants of the TARDIS (tho that isnt possible) but as it stands ,in my opinion reminds me of the one in Black orchid and other 5th Dr story's
But nice enough ,very McCoy blue ,shame about the signs not being full stretch and no weathering ,but yeah sat on the shelf looks ok

If i had spent £17 rrp on it in Tesco for example i would have no qualms what so ever about this ,in fact id get a few
£35 rrp FP store only and 'collectors' item sorry it isn't

And at the opening of it the disappointment really set in.

This being (i know im way behind ) my first classic TARDIS wow am i let down ,why is the electronics so poor ? the noise is short tiny weak (with new batteries) and flat sounds like its coming from the bottom of a metal bin in the other room and a few seconds only unlike the previous FCT tht has the full length effect from the 60s and various other sounds thrown in for goood measure  , the lamp is poor thrown together moulding and the main plastic walls are so thin, that upon closing the phone panel door i was worried it was going to snap

It is really poor relation to the 'mass produced toy' of the new series FCT in build quality electronics  etc so sad for this money i really do expect more

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