Monday, 3 January 2011

Another year over and a new one just begun ............

And breath
I have been busy in fact living like a gypsy i aint seen inside my own place for a week,you realy miss your home comforts like your own bed
Mums for xmas Brother home from OZ , so for my mum all together as a family in her house for xmas first time in many a year , was nice but is it me but feels less xmasy each year ?
 Then off to friends back to mums back to friends back to mums and home unprecedented stop offs not withstanding

Teeth been nightmare as well had one removed just before xmas and other has kicked off so not pleasant but you man up and endure  

Well not one for 'resolutions' but i would like to continue good work already under way so i give you my to do list
get better this year all medical issues solved teeth included and gym up :)

1 Selfish/  2 Ignorant (positive values i assure you )
Be reassured of self worth, you want to be part of my life no messing about bring something to the table im worth a great deal  , and sod the nay Sayers (see number two ignorance)
and live 'LARGE AND IN CHARGE' (see number one selfish )
so that's it really, nail some work get started with that  in earnest and that's it really

so staying strong
hope you all had wonder full holidays

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