Saturday, 4 December 2010

MUSIC makes the people party

Wow here's another memorable wallow down memory lane
Did you know 8th December it will be 30 years since John Lennon was murdered ?
 Now to think of my miss spent youth without music is unthinkable i just wouldn't be here or me
Now i like all music dance R n B soul Motown rock heavy metal classical punk .......the list is endless but i have my faves then and still now,

John Lennon got me through my puberty and confusion of adolescence his music spoke to me and yes made sense as well as being really really cool,
'Give me some truth' ,i screamed these lyrics out a number of times 
  I loved the Beatles i covered for my music exam Sgt Pepper , but john was the main man always has been &; always will be, Paul may of been the traditional Musician but John could do more with it , a poet musician rock star husband farther and rebel many things make him and i got older read more on him see/ here more ,I relate and emphasise totally with him

His music is 'epic' its personal its sometimes political and a tour De force i remember staying up all night to see his live in Madison square garden gig 73 wow
Lennon was a lifelong stranger to normality.,and that is me also
He was above all other things the most human and that i liked about him he spoke i listened and to this day find it a great friend to turn to
the troubled child, rock’n’roll rebel, spokesman of his generation, reckless peacenik and henpecked house-husband of popular legend are some of many descriptions of John i like to think of him simply as a 'Artist' after all it is where he started ,in Art collage

Marc (feld) Bolan ,what a star, fun a force of nature, catchy songs very arty and picturesque, heck of a poet and a stunning front  man and guitarist one of the reasons i picked a guitar up and learned
Started Glam without who there would of been no 70s no Elton John no Bowie this is the original deal Marc Bolan ended the 60s as a cult star playing hippy, pixie acoustic music and hanging out with John Peel. He then went through a massive transition and re-emerged in the early 70s as a highly successful, fully-fledged glam-rocker who came to epitomise the first half of that hedonistic decade.

And taking from 50s rock n roll and funking it up and Beatle songs and Tolkien and his own dynamic wit and talent he created some of the catchiest honest tunes that still endure to this day with his hippy background, Bolan always had more about him than the likes of Slade and Gary Glitter though he wasn't as arty as David Bowie or Roxy Music. He always thought that he was going to be a massive star and had the looks, charisma and arrogance to define his time as well as a superb, swaggering rock'n'roll voice. This backed by a gift for catchy melodies, crunching guitar riffs

Sadly not valued as he should be or recognised nearly enough he was first in may aspects from starting glam to doing his hendrix guitar thing and in 77 started the whole new romantic look and style with synths and makeup long before it was thought of and this at height of punk (which he is credited by Johny rotten ramoans Billy Idol and others as being godfather of ), constant showman love listening to the original songs and remixes now and if I'm having a party Bolan will be in there

Freddie and Queen what can you say the first mega group ya know like U2 is now they sold out stadiums in south America rock in Rio 80.000 attendance never before or since ,look at Wemberly in 85 unbelievable you have got to stand in awe of the man and the group

He was the greatest showman and what a voice a genius( they all were) what made them a super group second only to the Beatles
This band endured for 20 years hit after hit album after album they reinvented the pop video as we know it
They re wrote the rules they had individual success as well as a group
There anthems are heard in sporting arenas now and there music is as popular now as it always was they were legends in there own time and more so now
Freddie Mercury is "unique". It seems that his dedication, determination and perfectionism towards his career, is what made him the superstar that he was. We can all learn from an example like that,
a flamboyant personality on stage, and an almost shy, quiet personality off stage. many layers to the man but always the Showman

Siobhan Fahey Shakespears Sister
Oh yes Arty grunge (before there was such a thing) punk attitude and indie (again before there was such a thing) music
Miss Fahey former Banananarama gal and obviously the brains / power behind it (Collapsed pretty quick after her departure and drying up of the hits) a nut case  really , a force of nature out of this world
Marcie formerly of Eric Claptons band and wrote some hits with him worked with the greats in the USA now here throwing her 5 octave vocals and melodic guitar playing into the mix

Shakespears Sister's unique selling point the two members ,that's why i cant separate them ,T-Rex Ramones Disco  inspired  and Motown driven singles and even a Bob Marley cover' is it love' and a cheeky 2 fingers up at her previous band with 'Your History' lyrics and sound
 then comes the second Album and bang there in there stride
its dark, its art school projects, film noire videos with a nod to 'cecil de mill,there are some fizzing electropop numbers here that are forced to share airtime with more sober, guitar based tracks and coldly romantic paean

Fahey she's a wonderful frontwoman and out of control rocker she brings fun and style and sassy cool to the group with a heavy dark vocal, Good though Detroit is, it's Fahey who provided a lot of the attitude in the duo, the band was special in the first place due to the dynamic between her and Marcella Detroit, perfectly demonstrated on their two biggest hit singles, Stay and I Don't Care, both of which pitted their opposing alter egos against each other
Siobhan Fahey remains a fiercely creative force. as does Marcy Levy sadly we will never see them together again but what they have done is great and best not think of what could of been
Shakespears Sister is back with Fahey only so realy in name only but Siobhan is worth the price of a ticket any day i know ive seen her gig and Marcy and been lucky to meet both and be on friendly terms with Siobhan ,
 So thanks gals for the entertainment

what do these all have in common?, Artists yes, but more than that
Ignorance to believe they were right and not be dissuaded by the nay sayer or thrown when they believed in what they were doing despite opposition,  and arrogant enough to truly know and believe they were the greatest , a lesson learned  ,and for me personally they were alternative, outside the norm or what society classes the norm and to truly embrace and enjoy what they did they had something to say....and they said it ,they make it just cool and ok to be you

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