Monday, 14 June 2010

TARDIS signs

hello there been a while ,did you miss me ?
thought i would post on the upcoming 7th Dr box 
needs new signs desperately okies ,this is my project,i will acurize it 
I have one given to me  for my birthday this  to me is the newbury refit, just wrong walls thats all & staying mint in box
 one i am buying will look a little like this

nice huh ?
THATS what a 80s box should look like, personally going for a older weathered look 
so hack base down new lamp new paint and.......... new signs

Season 19 box 

not sure whats going on here,a sign stuck on roughly and crudely hacked away to blend it in to the wood top board ?,its the back doors before they switched permanently round to front being back and back being the front due to damage 
 The box seems twisted barely 2 years old and knackered  wow thats tatty 
 this box did obviously get a overhaul after this season as it changes somewhat although is left to go into a dishevelled state as seen in collin baker's costume shots and in peters last story and famous "Caves of Androzani "episode ,
well gives you room to manoeuvre and know you cant go to wrong 
Season 22

More the look im going for ,lived in ,I do like the signs here light against darker box  maybe a little to thick on the frame put there to hide some considerable damage and repairs , which is not uncommon for things to be patched up off the hoof 
 and that colour is awful ill keep mine blue , recently informed this is infect genuine filth and dirt not a paint job 

not entirely sure which "police box" signs im using probably one of these two,but ill alter tone etc before i print off 
there is room for manoeuvre here considering the sheer changes from season to season and even episode to episode 
Take into account also the recast there was another box and this obviously was far less tatty
 but as per BBC protocol got damaged dirty and dishevelled at a alarming rate 

it is from McCoy 25th season we have the infamous electric blue really bright TARDIS as seen in "Silver Nemesis" a mistake rectified but due to broadcast release being different to the filming the box does change shades every episode 
and also at one time pink which was repainted over the top 

Phone panel well it does change to "all" instead of "Urgent" and the font on some panels changes part way ala the new panel but hardly definitive Y.J 80s box phone panel ,so im going for that definitive look

also handles,interesting one this ,and this comes with a geek alert,
The handles were black or painted black from wherever they got them from but were actually silver metal 

looking at "State of decay" and there season 18 story's and looking right up to McCoy there black .
At some points there painted blue obviously at same time the box was painted BBC hardly renowned for there deftness of touch but there black 
in fact in some stores like Decay you can see the blacks worn off and the silver is strongly evident 
so i got a wide variety here to consider as cant change my handles every week so black ,silver , blue handles 
this is going to be interesting and ill need to do some tests see how to effect this properly  
This is most certainly the phone panel i will use it has "IT" and i like the font all one all the way baskerville or times :)

So that's it for now, a upcoming project thought i would share some of my ideas insight to some of my thinking more on the project as it trundles along 

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