Thursday, 20 May 2010

Police public call Box now open,sort of

Ok seems are American cousins have there first lot of classic exclusives 4th Dr TARDIS Pilot episode Hartnell and 7th Dr and TARDIS

great at last got to see it 

ya know mock up pics are all well and good nothing like what you are getting tho ,and its the 80s box a whole generation me included grew up with this ,like some have the 60s Enterprise or Batmobile as there fave ,

teased indeed little short interview in design works office, lo behold shelf behind there she sat  one gorgeous sexy accurate 80s box
 designed by someone i can honestly say knows his onions,well done mate, said designer has already in my opinion reached his pinnacle, the crown jewel being the cod stakes TARDIS of 2005 wow that was the ultimate, pricey but dam if i could afford i would 

so heres a £40 alternative which compared to £15 standard new series one is dear BUT it is in limited quantities not mass produced , it is for collectors market so ok ill go with it birthday present ordered and

ok er hmmmmmmmm

what happened ?
there is a expression here ,gutted ,indeed i am crushed feels like a low blow

that is not a 80s box ,at a pinch maybe the Newburry refit but that was the late 70s box redressed
were we not promised the 80s TARDIS ?
   fibre glass box didn't have wood grain ? why is the base 3 times thicker than it should be ? what's with the  lamp ? that shade of blue, ok silver nemesis had it as a mistake ,hardly iconic TARDIS blue why is the police box sign caped off ala newbury 80s box was full length im sure the font is wrong as well 

what is going on ?,what a piece of junk, inaccurate junk at that 

these above statements are matters of undeniable fact , personally i don't like the big lamp base it needs to be generic 80s TARDIS from 80 to 89 that don't fit and id like the lock at the bottom and handle further up thats it personally 
I feel sorry for the designer his creation twisted into that monstrosity 

this is superposed to be a collectors item i expected collectors quality that's mass produced quick job in chings warehouse £5 tops to make and they want £40 ? we are being taken round the corner and over a financial barrel here ,hat well and truly nailed on

also sadly there is a drop off here, it would seem this "Collectors" range of TARDISes are using same moulds even tho each prop was vastly different in its design , (ala product enterprise one Dalek mould million colour Daleks )  ,just different roof so this is identical to the 4th Dr TARDIS being released where's the collectable range and quality ? why something cheaply mass made utilising same moulds costing so much ?
I ill tell you why because they can get away with it 

Gets better folks CO in there infinite wisdom have not made enough so Underground toys in USA and Forbidden Planet UK cant full fill there orders,(I still cant find wave 2 classic range and i am limited down to one shop Who blackpool to get mine which is expensive with rrp ) so were all going to miss out any way kinda making  this entire blog mute /academic as its doubtful (Been pre ordered since it was announced ) i will have one 

Charecter options ,i salute you you are a genius 

this has nothing to do with CO statement that Doctor Who will be a ten million pound a year license for them, and make all share holders and company execs very happy and the bank manager smiling really, it isn't you know 

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