Sunday, 2 May 2010

Doctor Who

Well i think we are about halfway through ,thoughts?,well it is staying in the "New Adventures" mould that was previously established  and there are some changes very little and only slight

Mainly the feeling for me so far is this is a Children's show ,the 13 and under bracket ,new Daleks aside you can see in the story telling the aim of the show and who there writing for, 
each episode is single standalone and  defiantly with a child in mind
I don't think the original series was a children's show certainly not in the Tom Baker years  but this is, so there's change and that's healthy and good maybe someday new producer it will be a more adult orientated show Ala Hintchcliffe and Holmes  who knows 

So far feels like no more than introductions and like we have not got started really ,improvements aplenty the Doctor is spot on nail on the head and the character is well realised in Matt Smith 
I found of interest this take on everything new  ,maybe new Daleks was step to far but this i feel lies more in poor realisation in design and art department and prop makers ,personally i would of gone strait back to a AARU design something akin to ,the new silurans bare no resemblance to the old so we wait and see what happens with these 

Personally i don't care I'm  fortunate enough to be able to just take what i like and leave the rest  draw a discreet Vail over it 
but it has certainly improved i had faith in Mr Moffet and i think its paying off he is a family man who is running a family show, each episode is new and standalone for the casual viewer to get into and not linked to previous threads tho this has subtly been done 
One thing i do disagree and resist  is this is same show, the difference is to huge now it would be like comparing the historical docu dramas of the first Doctor to Collin Bakers first season totally different 

Improvements proof if needed,well Amy the new companion just unabashedly threw her self at the Doctor this was funny and well done ,not the love sick season long 2 yr love fest sexed up show of RTD or the whole Rose love sick puppy this was good 
so its a CBBC show that's fine i liked the Angel story and look forward to Venice  
they made good and bad  in the good Ole days ,even the first Dr had good and bad stories admittedly the table got tilted badly towards the end lack of talent ? most definitely lack of budget , who knows but even then there was redeeming features "Curse of Fenric" being one of them 
Its all about the quality of the story's and even RTD era  had some, the WW2 empty child gas mask story was good the Dalek story was good and i liked the first Master story with the old Master and then on earth with Simm thats about it realy this time that vibe feel is there which it hasn't been since Dr7 and Ace 

so to give you a slight in site into the current man at the top i leave you this rather interesting frank candid Moffet interview from comic con some 2 years ago,
We wait and see time will tell  

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