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We don't Have the power

Ok this is a out and out stinging criticism so read no further as i am upon my box and got something to say 
question  are you a child of the 80s? if like me remember all the cool stuff like Thundercats A team Inspector Gadget and He Man and the Masters of the Universe right 
Well the owners of franchise Mattel decided some years ago to re release the figures for the millennium ,then in about 06 time decided to re make updated classic figures ,so be figures we all know and love but by new design standards 

GREAT fantastic bring it on ill be over this ,ermmmmmm now not quite see not having a wide range distribution or even being sold in comic book shops or speciality stores ,so how do i get my hands on this awesomeness and they are nigh on 6 inch gorgeousness designed by the four horseman of all people and very true to original figures

 which leads me to dispel few myths


Myths and Legends

 yes the cartoon was a toy comical ,isn't everything a kid sees a toy commercial ? but not blatant the cartoon and toy line were vastly different same in name only 
see when the toys came out in 1981 and 1982 it was backed by stunning art work on the boxes ,and mini comics by a series of artists like  artists such as Donald F. Glut and Earl Norem Dario Baldi and Alfredo Alcala/Mike Texiera art, the icon RUDY OBERO  ,  to create additional characters and their back story, posters, package inlays, box art and mini-comics to be distributed with the action figures.

Not in any Cartoon i watched

Totally different to what was to come in the Filmation series  even the characters looked different besides being played for laughs and not as dark as this primitive barbarian world recoverng from some unseen great war

this establishes Eternia as a place in barbarism totally forgetting its technical past but some know these secrets like Man at Arms (sans moustache) ,He-Man slaying monsters with his trusty axe not got his sword nor is he Prince Adam he is a jungle dwelling Barbarian with super strength gets magic weapons and tech no vest with force field to help him but is seen often bear chested and bear foot 
He Man but maybe not as you know him

Teela as a hot blonde who fights like a fury with Huge weapons and snake staff wanting to mary he man
(the green one in that owl snake armour is the Goddess a sort of OB1 kinda of spirit thing ) 

Tri-Klops kicking ass as a bounty hunter savage Beastman the on no ones side untill put under a spell by Skelator Trap Jaw evil and nasty kicking ass and what about Skelator the twisted Deamon Magic and alchemy desperate for two half's of the power sword to open and claim Greyskull and power therein with Evil Lyin his aide and wanting to mary Teela , this was no comic relief 
Oh did it leave to some inconsistency, but heck i was inspired by it all as a kid and didn't stop you reacting what you saw or making own adventures 

over time yes with success of Cartoon we got more lasers machines and tons of different characters,but was nothing like Cartoon half the vehicles on it never made a toy ,the toy vehicles play sets never appeared on the cartoon and ones we did have looked nothing like the ones on the cartoon 
look at these bios nuff said this some 2/3 yrs prior to filmation

so there you go and with advent of books records and bible stuff Mattel didn't do and filmation wanted to its a big ol universe that's now being put in order all added together to make one long story of Eternia and its convoluted and messy but makes sense and makes for a very rich universe that if you add the 30 years it has been around and all the things and storys would make a truly awesome book and and beat Lord Of the Rings in a trilogy (did you know there has been 5 He Man types ?.these are based on prototypes and mail away figures like Wondar He Man for wonder bread) 
Take a look at this scene ,usual folks you all know
And here is Tri Klops sent to best He Man no jokes one on one and he stands against him toe to toe he gos a few rounds but then He Mans strength is to much and bam punch knock out He Man wins 
BUT lets look at this one comic panel no Adam He Man is romancing Teela ,the text the prose is Shakespearian and old English how, ye, thy etc
once again a serious threat skeletors evil magic besting the others and transporting tri klops this could not cant not be any further removed from the cartoon also note no power sword just a Barbarians battle axe and steel shield

 Tri Klops in comics was further expanded upon to be a very awesome character and had a personality of his own a warrior hunter who was a gun for hire and a inventor of his own liked his postion power authority and spoils especially with skelator  
It is said later when He Man learns to unite and use both halfs of the sword and establishes a identity as prince Adam (bit of retcon)
 that Tri Klops is He Mans equal in swordsmanship and fencing but He Man possess skills he just dont plus his nifty visor and other skills inventing tracking etc and se how tough he is dismissing Beastman so easily no mean feat

Now back to complaint,.... these figures came out Brilliant 
The line released its first figures towards the end of 2008. Old favourites He-Man, Skeletor and Beast Man were the first releases, as well as a character called King Grayskull who had never previously been released as a toy, fare enough here was a dip in the new 2000 cartoon mythos and is kinda cool where it all began with this dude and his magic powers and castle 
vintage figures, Princess of Power, New Adventures, Concept, Mini Comics, 200x, Filmation, etc all in one toy line and making the whole thing make some sense in a sort of time line,phew
nostalgic look.
oh hell yes 6 inch lovely will do me ,The figures are produced in limited production runs (the actual numbers are a closely guarded secret), although demand has prompted Mattel to re-release figures.but still no general release beyond confines of the matty collecter web site

 Although the Classics are a small line, the line is profitable,why else make  it ? ,charity sake ?

. Approximately twenty figures are released each year. Collectors have the choice of buying figures on the day of release on the Matty Collector website IF not sold out , or by buying an annual subscription for almost all items released each year 
. There is always one monthly figure, four additional quarterly figures, and four large item slots. The latter could be a giant figure, a pack of two regular sized figures, or a vehicle.(so far only the Wind Raider)  Details of the releases are given some months in advance, but buyers of annual subscriptions do not know what the following year's figures will be when buying the subscription in the summer. 
A subscriber-only figure is sent to subscribers, but there are no financial incentives (as one might expect) for buying a subscription. No free figures or discounts are offered. Mattel also releases some items which are not included in the subscription. 

 And there is the rub subscribe in the main if you have any hope of getting ones you want oh and that means getting 19 figures you dont want for one you do, and thats sans the others specials you ge tin the year and stuff you have to buy thats not included in the subscription 

Big problem with international Shipping is customs charges. For guys in the UK its $25 for the figure (standard Human not huge twin pack monster special etc just the monthly standard single figure ) and $30 to ship. Then its $11 VAT and another $13ish for charges. Basically if we get hit for the lot its $80 for an individual figure,51 pounds for an individual figure, once a month every month ,ill let that swim about your minds for  a while 

 IF anyone from toy making land reads this,
Days of big money spent on bits of glorious plastic from are youth are over ,them days gone
xmas maybe even one on birthday once a month no
 we need to eat, pay bills and money coming in is none existent so those days are long over

and then just when you are thinking oh thanks ,they mass release some variants in 2 packs with DC (another line under mattel) so two awesome figures lex luthor and skelator/ he man superman (Like in the comic cross over DC was publishing He Man then ) great,
 er no sorry  toys r us U.S.A  only

So if you want them live in America that's great that is do they honestly think the He Man fans are stateside only i don't know weather to find this a insult or not ?, it s certainly a kick in the goulash ,Im excluded from this so have not one sadly 
Apparently theres been some horrific problems with distribution and sales via some services and people not getting there orders and Quality Control starting to be a problem,  which will happen with mail order you have no control just plonk your details down make a wish and hope '

And now lines dead begging on line for subscriptions desperate to maintain the line ,all real major figures are done bar one or two like Ram Man Meck a Neck  ,so exclusive no one can buy them  ,really there amazed at that ?

Its a shame as they have produced great stuff and even dipped into filmation territory (Granamyr has to best figure ive seen in a long time detail is unreal its pose,its stepped rout out of the cartoon) with Shadow weaver and Princess Adora (She Ra's other self) theses amazingly have never been made (She Ra) was a girls toy line and cartoon for girls to try to duplicate He Man success but with girl audience like Care Bears and my little Pony at the time ,it didn't, it flopped 
but is a good tie in to He Man and now the figures are stunning and in line with the others  

 But seems this line is to die a death (like the Ghost Busters and DC Line they do under same conditions,maybe this sub usa only thing not bright idea ? )
i like this line to see it end   is a shame but inevitable i think given conditions

well looks like Classic Thundercats on General release will get my money instead  already,I have 8 inch figures two of and looking forward to 6 inch line ,quality might be a dip on He Man line but still aforeable and available wins 

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