Saturday, 30 June 2012

Shoot to thrill

Well hullo there
now  being a little put back on my spending of late (damned house expenses and nothing worth bothering with) i found myself in a little general store el cheapo affair and in toy bit there was this little Iron Man 2 figure that i bought and i just got to shout about 

First off a confession , i lost my faith  i no longer see the light hear the angels sing to a john williams score, i been beaten down by one bad comic book movie after another ,I think it all started with the rendition of Batman and Robin a 90 minute long gay joke 
it got worse punisher with Longdren and then in recent years Hulk,Dark Knight and Spiderman 3 ,these are bad comic book movies 
It has to have some semblance to the comic or subject matter its lifted off 
Then along came Iron Man ,I am weak cant help myself grew up with good comic stuff UK and USA ,so went see it 
BLOWN away what a awesome film everything the look the style the use of practical and CGI not over reliant on a PC ,OMG moment is there a light at then end here ?

The whole thing work on my basic rules of film ,verisimilitude ,Honesty truthfully to its source ,Production cinematography look feel of it is it set right the cast the acting and the score 
ok using this shall we proceed

It takes form classic and Ultimate lines of iron lore check all there ,it is Iron man and tony stark like Chris Reeves before him Robert Downy is born to play this part, he is Iron Man he gives it life i can think of no other who could do this role any justice (and subsequently re ignited his carer as a hot actor ) a Actor i always liked in Chaplin etc 
the world of Stark check check double thrice check ,seen that house the cars the woman ? the score its freaking AC DC come on whats not to love Back in Black a fave album since student times and suits Iron Man and Tony perfectly this is just so Downey jr and hes having a ball
so thats me happy

wow and then onwards my friend to 2 brilliant follow on another dip in the lore bit cinematic but not gratuitously, nice balance here

So then Avengers and he makes the film ,him and Hulk for a CGI creation brilliant
 i liked Thor now i know nothing about him but seems ok Cap was a good film ,Captain America in this i don't like  look of,he  looked goofy but ok sort the suit out guys

so back to my discovery

You can hear AC DC just looking a this
small at just shy 4 inches but spot on my friends i know 1/6 that are not as good as this 
and this isn't only Iron Man 2 Armour but the Avengers one as well so yup and four small pounds mine this is what toys should be fun pocket money items
this whole collector shtick is way to much way way to far now 
it is very poseable it has a display base some clear cards that form the suit about the Armour nice back drop and there is the figure that is superb sadly none with removable heads to put starks on alas but a great piece and i highly recommend

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