Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Constructive criticism

In life you are always going to have someone having a go calling and criticising you ,everyone is a critic.
But sometimes it is valid and sometimes you have a good friend who you trust enough to tell you," you are wrong "

I am lucky i have but  a handful of people in my life, but there worth a thousand i don't choose numpties 

well i have been busy, bit arty (although to be honest i am in a bone idle mode currently ) i have done some what i consider good work recently 
Like the thread title says i have had my fare share of critics and i got good friends i trust ,I am more than happy to take it on board and think on it, and i like to think i have bettered myself,certainly not been this good for a while and i think I'm producing some of the best works of my life so far 
I have recently been on some new "Who" projects ,this i will come to later

"It takes a BIG man to say he is wrong ", is one of my Granddad's speeches and he is correct ,I can admit to being wrong now but i do like to stick to my guns I'm seldom wrong as i don't make decisions lightly 
I like to thank my friends (you know who you are) for there influence and help i truly couldn't be here without you 
And currently I'm on a roll i am good 

On the subject of criticism i e mailed a friend some pictures for advice on a project "The Pandorica opens " Cyberman Sentry 
He was on Holiday, so i went it alone i just hope it is OK

 I'm happy with it i copied off the pictures sent me of said Cyberman and i did the job, i posted it up people seem to like it and i have seen similar and less accurate versions (mine is copied directly off the prop suit on set photos) going on the Fee Bay for 15 or 16 pounds 

What i did with my project was i took on board some of the advice from my last job "Five Doctors " Dalek 
I strongly truly believe in "Verisimilitude" and this is important in any job you do 
reason ?,well here's google's definition of  Verisimilitude

Verisimilitude (or truthlikeness) is the quality of realism in something (such as film, literature , the arts, etc).

This has been debated endlessness, it has various takes on it,

Verisimilitude has its roots in both the Platonic and Aristotelian dramatic theory of mimesis, the imitation or representation of nature. For a piece of art to hold significance or persuasion for an audience, according to Plato and Aristotle, it must have grounding in reality.
I came across the nugget of info while 17 and at collage it has served me well 
be "TRUE" like something has its own history its own story you must be true to it (Something Doctor Who has struggled with since it's return) 

But in relation to my project i had rust to do and rust is not just brown coloured ,it has a texture so i created or re created it and i also went into it with decay and erosion on the metal ,
producing this on a plastic model wasn't easiest of jobs 

But i did it, I took on board at the same time my friend's advice of texture the edges of the Dalek where it was blown up ,(I had the tools out ) I had so slavishly copied the prop right down to the neat mid section cuts which as he pointed out "yes is fine on the prop, it had to be break away parts but on the model need to make it look more blown up less neat "
So this is also something i did

See criticism isn't all that bad ,It can enhance and improve you 
and no I am not a English teacher I'm a Artist, so blogs writing etc. is not, nor ever will be my strong suit but i am trying I am listening 

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